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I would like to buy some mapping software. Lot's of cachers use oziexplorer others fugawe. With ozi I think you can use maps that you scanned. This is good since the mapping software here in Canada wasn't that great last time I checked. What do you use and wich is easier to use.



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Firstly, Softmaps is cheap but you can't upload waypoints to it. I can't be bothered to type in the 150 Ontario waypoints by hand!


I like Ozi but I'm thinking of picking up Fugawi because a) it's Canadian and ;) they have a Palm os viewer that lets you sync up parts of the map with your Palm!!!


Fugawi will also let you include scanned maps. You should go get the demo of Fugawi and the demo of Ozi and give them a try.


Price wise I think that Fugawi is a bit better because of the palm client but Ozi is a bit cheaper.


If your on a really tight budget get GPSU or GPS Trackmaker, both are free and pretty much do what Fugawi and Ozi do, just not as fast.



Mobile Cache Command

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Both, Ozi and Fugawi can work with scanned maps. Another one I’d suggest to consider is TTQV. Well; I suggest it because I sell it ;-)

TTQV can also work with scanned maps. Now; you more than likely don’t have to scan your own maps – if you check my www.canadianmaps.ca website, you will find a fair number of ready map packages. Good part is that you don’t have to use them with TTQV if you prefer Ozi or Fugawi. They are raster maps in popular graphic formats so they can be used with these two programs as well. Ozi can import them tight in, so they don’t even need to be re-calibrated. For Fugawi, manual calibration is required.

I hope that I didn’t offend you with my shameless plug.


Andrew Kalinowski


www.GPSNuts.com Recreational GPS and mapping (hobby)

www.CanadianMaps.ca Raster topo (and some other) maps

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I highly recommend Ozi. It works well with scanned maps and other digital maps including Toporama. You can also create maps by converting and calibrating screenshots from Streets & Trips. As well, OziCE is a slick off-shoot that works with PocketPC devices.

Good luck!

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Originally posted by Bearington:

I think you can use scanned maps with Fugawi too. Actually, I am thinking of purchasing Ontario cottage country CD if I can find it at a good price. Could anybody let me know of where to find the CD cheaper. Thanks

Bearington I find that LeBaron in Mississauga has competitive prices on Fugawi. Do you have the basic mapping software? If not then you will have to buy it also. Another source may be www.gpscentral.ca in Calgary. Don't know if they distribute Fugawi or not.

If you catch a LeBaron booth at one of the fishing/outdoor shows you can get a show discount. They are usually at the spring fishing show at The International Centre (or has it gone past this year).

Cheers, Olar

P.S. IMHO you will not be disappointed with Fugawi



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I use Ozi with QVN(Quovadis) maps. They are Ontario Topo's that they have already scanned. It works pretty well. Ozi interfaces with my GPS as well it lets me plan trips and tracks and waypoints etc.


Match that with the colour plotter here at work and I get full colour topo's whenever I need them.


Now if only I could get my hands on the Ministry's lake depth charts.

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This is the method I used and it works great and the maps were/are free!


First of all visit:



Visit, http://toporama.cits.nrcan.gc.ca/


Then I basiclly download all of the files at the link below. Ya I know that's over kill.




I imported the files into OzExplorer. Works really well. Even with moving maps.

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