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Victoria BFL - What is a BFL???????????

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An Idiot's Guide to Caching in Victoria after dark:


LFL = Little F@$&*#% Light - a regular handheld flashlight used by most cachers who aren't lucky enough to live here


RCLFL = Really Cool LFL - a 75,000 candlepower handheld light that packs a punch


BFL = Big FL - the original, the one that started it all. A 500,000 candlepower rechargeable spot light


CBFL = Camo BFL - a camo 1,000,000 candelpower rechargeable spot light


DBBFL = Double Barrel BFL - a twin lens 3,000,000 candelpower night sun. Turns night into day and it can power other 12v devices like your cell phone - also used by local Fire Dept. icon_cool.gif


I love the smell of Lock 'n Locks in the morning...they smell like $$$

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Besides Geocaching we've found several good uses for our BFL.


Cooking, Tanning.


Drying the childrens hair.


Checking under beds for monsters.


Blinding Raccoons.


Searching under our trailer for Grampa's jug of medicine.


Signalling the orbiting mother ship.


Illuminating neighbour's daughters 3 am arrival home.


Spotting submerged Iraqi submarines. (they're out there man!)


Illuminating neighbours wife's 5 am arrival home.


Checking the outhouse for monsters.


Waking up Cachewidow before 8 am. (actually that requires two BFLs and blast of Led Zepplin IV)


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PS- Yes, I did climb a mountain (on the island) to get my very own BFL. There were a couple left on the mainland for others.


It has been quite useful since you can attach your GPS to it and it will automatically illuminate an azimuth to the nearest cache, which in Vancouver of course, is at least 617.45 times further away than in Victoria, where you simply use the smalller area light it comes equipped with to illuminate the dozen (or two) caches that are nearest to where you parked your car.




Driving a zuuk again, thank you RM

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CBFL....Cacherunner says it's just CFL, Camo F Light. I like it because it's the acronym of our very own Football League. Ottawa heads to training camp very soon now. Go Rough Riders! ( Renegades, whatever, It will always be 'Riders to me.)


54199_2500.gif How much intelligence does it take to sneak up on a piece of tupperware?

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