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Guest Christa

I need to talk to a few Geocachers of varying levels of experience about Geocaching in the Calgary area, you know the kind of thing...who's doing it, what they like about it, how they got into it, etc. Lifestyle magazine stuff. You can email me cameo@canuck.com if you're interested in talking about it to me or you can call 240-9055 if you want to check my credentials or leave me a message. Thanks!

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Guest MaasNeotek



There aren't many players in Calgary, but by all means give this other dude a call.


I have been 'spearheading' the alberta media, and may be able to answer some of your questions.


Please feel free to contact me at neotek@telusplanet.net or via http://www.building42.com/geocaching




Greg Scratchley

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Guest Christa

Originally posted by jjwelin:

I'm in calgary, and going to seek my first Geocache this weekend. What would you like to know?


How did your first Geocache go?

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