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Economic Impact of Caching


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While Blkhwkfan and I were leaving a restauraunt during a day of caching, we threw out the thought of how much of an economic impact does caching have? So, just out of curiosity, I am going to throw out this poll... Now, I am no economist, and I realize that the impact is minimal so this is by no means some sort of scientific measure. Thoughts?

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How could you not be:

1. batteries or electricity to charge them.

2. gas for the truck

3. lunch at a restaurant (sometimes)

4. trinkets, pens, pencil, etc....


I know for a fact tourists have visited the Sault Ste. Marie area that wouldn't of if it weren't for Geocaching. I have visited areas that I wouldn't of if not for Geocaching....


Every hour spent geocaching is added to the end of your life

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I think it depends on where and how far you are going to find a cache.


For example I went to Vancouver Island on Thursday for the entire day so spent money around there (on gas, food, etc). If I was caching here like I usually do then I drive to the spot, find it, come back home again, usually without spending any money.


So I think it depends entirely on the type of cache you are going for.

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