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American caches off my list....possible?


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crossing the border can sometimes be a big problem..you never know when youre gonna wait a loooooooong time.. and ive got two kids to drag around..or else i would have to be home for them after school and couldnt take the chance of being stopped at the border

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In response to the cacher from Texas. I have done a little caching in Upper New York (Niagara Falls and Rochester), but I also am not keen on crossing the border to cache. I found that the only way to cross the border without having my door panels pulled at is to lie about where I am going. I am 28, and my 'Geobuddy' is 24, so when we tell the Customs Officer we are going over to go hiking, we get the 'Ya right' look and immediately are under suspition. I almost wish that a memo about caching would go out to all border guards. If I could cross without having to lie, and to not have to worry about having my car ripped apart I would likely cross over frequently.

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thanks, makes sense to me. I have never been to the Canadian/Us border but I have always heard it was very easy to get across. I never new there where bottle necks at the Border. I thought it was like crossing a state line. Where everything in the next state was 33% off icon_wink.gif I have been to the Us/Mexico border and there is a huge delay there so I think I got some what of a grasp of what your Talking about. But just an FYI Americans like to be done to. LOL icon_biggrin.gif




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For awhile, I had to do Americans if I wanted to Geocache. I've never had a problem crossing the border. Thankfully, Canadians have really caught on to this hobby and I don't have to cross the border but go anyways. I find if you go before 10 am, there's no lineup and the customs agents seem to be more relaxed. I used to say "going for gas" as my reason for entering the US but once I told the truth and said "going Geocaching". The agent gave me a funny look and waved me through without a second question. I found that kind of unusual.


Every hour spent geocaching is added to the end of your life

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To answer the original question I think the only way would be to spring for the membership cost and then use the pocket query system. You can tell it to only list Ontario caches within a specified distance of your home coordinates up to a total of 500 caches.

Cheers, Olar



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My wife, dog and I have crossed the border to geocache in NY state several times; have had no problems at the border, and have logged several excellent cache finds there. Why not try it once to see for yourself?




binthair (from Ottawa, Ontario)



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