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Hey Cliffy,


100....cool!! We're around 85 but hoping to "go over the edge" on summer vacation.


Planning a circle...up threw London, Detroit, Toldeo, Cleveland and then back home.


What kinda beer did you have to toast the milestone....Corona was great when we were in Mexico and Guiness was the Best in Ireland........ What's the best in Canada after # 100?




"Have you no news on your travels?" the Book of fairy & folk tales of Ireland (1888)

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Originally posted by binthair:


Congratulations cliffy on number ONE HUNDRED!!!

You saved a few tough ones to reach the mark.

Best of luck on your next 100!



binthair icon_cool.gif


Indeed! Congrads. I had no idea you were that old. You don't look a day ov'r fifty.




You can't have everything,where would you put it?


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Thanks binthair! Hope you start playing alot of golf or else I'll NEVER catch up to you! LOL


Originally posted by DxChallenged:


What's the best in Canada after # 100?





LOL well for me the best woulda been the homemade swill I brew here in the basement but seeing as I've been negligent lately with my brewmeister duties I settled for a Budweisericon_smile.gif lol


Originally posted by MajBach:


Indeed! Congrads. I had no idea you were that old. You don't look a day ov'r fifty.




LOL! Well I only look fifty on the outside.......My innards are actually more like 130! hehe






"Whad'ya mean you didn't save the location of the truck?..EEEK!!!..."

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