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Calgary / Banff/ Lake Louise / Edmonton photos

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Thought some of y'all might be interested in the photos I took from our Canadian Rockies adventure the other week (referenced on "Banff/Icefields/Jasper Hiking Trails" thread). Even though we missed the Icefields and Jasper due to the road being closed by weather (we diverted to Edmonton back via Calgary and "did the mall" instead that day!), the majority of these shots were achieved directly as a result of visiting areas during Geocaching...areas we never would have otherwise discovered if we were just "conventional vacationers". Thanks to all who placed these caches and brought us to these great locations!


Here's the URL: http://www.ratisher.com/marcdaveca.htm


-Dave R., Biloxi, Miss., USA

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Some really nice shots, Dave. The morning shots were particularly nice. Some days a light dusting of snow is a good thing (even if you do have to scrape it off your car.)


It's too bad you couldn't see the glaciers at Lake Louise, or make it up the Icefields Parkway. There's some spectacular scenery up there. Kudos for taking the gnalry way up Sulphur Mountain. icon_biggrin.gif


Thanks for sharing your shots with us, and I hope you found our Alberta hospitality to your liking (if not the weather).

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Thanks! Yes, of course the Alberta hospitality was great...it was my third trip up thataway (and first for my old buddy who joined me on this trip), and that's a big reason why - the people.


We were bummed about Hwy 93 being closed down, but we made the best of it, as you saw in the pics. My only regret was that I hadn't planned on an Edmonton leg, so I had no cache targets to go after and no laptop with me, and I didn't think about using an Internet cafe until it was too late. Oh well.


Evidently Mother Nature wasn't listening to all the weather reports north of Lake Louise...every single report we heard (including the days we were there) said the weather was going to be fine those days - not any of the rain/snow/ice that we ended up getting. Go figure.


Thanks again!

-Dave R., Biloxi, Miss., USA

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