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I ponder: Why is Geocaching so popular?

boreal jeff & sons

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I've been pondering this question since I started this hobby. Some say its the chance to get exercise or to be with the family but I don't agree with that because most would still do it anyway. It's certainly not about the treasure or profit.


My theory is it has something to do with the history of our species. We are all descended from ancestors that hunted and gathered. And something deep within us still quests to do this.


My friend (a non-geocacher) has a deeper theory. He thinks it is because humans desire to interact with others. Geocaching provides this by providing a cache, hidden by someone, and then the finder logs the cache, and the hider reads the cache (interaction). In other words, we crave attention and get it by Geocaching.


I am interested in other theories. Who knows, I might write a book about the Inner thinkings of a

Geocacher and call it "The Modern Hunter.


Please keep this discussion serious.


Every hour spent geocaching is added to the end of your life

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Like many hobbies, and I consider Geocaching to be a hobby, it attracts people for the reasons you mentioned and many more.


- There's something novel about finding something hidden often right under other peoples' noses.


- Some of us (like me) are just gadget junkies and its a great excuse to use our gadgets in new and creative ways! I know a lot of people who are into it are often involved with technical lines of work.


- Some of us just like the outdoors (like me) and geocaches are often placed in new places worthy of hiking or mountain biking.


Some Geocachers have found an incredible amount of caches - their reasons must be quite different from mine and I'd like to hear them myself.


More thoughts on this, but I'll leave it there for the time being.




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You know, I've pondered much the same thing now for a couple of weeks.


I didn't like the outdoors until I discovered geocaching.


But I do have endless curiosity and an deep huntergatherer instinct...


So it must be somthing deep down that supplies some sort of pay off for me. And right now I think it's the DiscoveryWildernessGo where no man has gone before thing.


It's stupid to say but when I'm in the woods, a good distance from people and ammenities looking for a stupid plastic container, I feel like I am somehow prooving something to my self. Although what that is is beyond me because the pay off is so profound yet subtle it defies definition.


Just my opinion for whatever it is worth



Your not first...But you could be next.

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I think that geocaching has everything a person needs. It's a great It has secret codes... It has treasure...And most of all, it has people going to locations in their respected areas, that they may not have known about before... I know that our family have been surprised with new locations that we plan on visiting again and again!


Quando Omni Flunkus Moritati

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These days so many folks are caught up in the techno-gadget race with there computers, cell phones etc., Geocaching allows us to still get outside and play that game. What can be more high-tech than messing with satellite signals.


Speaking for myself, I sadly find it boring just going for a walk in the woods for its own sake. I like to have a point, whether it be hunting, fishing or just getting to a particular destination. Geocaches make great, sometimes surprising destinations.

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I agree with most of what has been said . Geocaching is an adventure for the child in us and relatively safe . There is an element of mystery with the message in code . There is a skill element that can be mastered without being a rocket scientist and so we satisfy our egos . It provides good exercise at a level one is comfortable with and most of all , it is FUN !

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I find the hunt intriguing and I really enjoy discovering places I've never been before, but for me the wonder of it all is that this sport is the ultimate honour system.


Caches in the great outdoors, waiting to be discovered and (almost) never getting pillaged. Cachers all playing by the rules.


With the amount of crime these days, Geocaching is tonic for the soul.

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...you find a sealed can or bottle of beer in a cache. Yeah right, the day that happens is the day I win the lottery, in relative terms. Hmmm... what an idea, liquor/beer caching.


"Everyone take heed, remove thy useless paper and pencils in thy hidden caches and replace them with either fine lagers or ales...!!!"


fat chance...



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Because it gives us a valid reason to go to Micky Dee's and buy a happy meal without the clerk looking at us like we are dressed in a Cod Piece..eh Zartimus!!! Plus we can spend even more time in the dollar stores, for a noble reason. Plus how else are our black flies and skitters going to get fed properly.


GPSr's...A step in the right direction!

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We (the family) love the outdoors and I love exploring new places. I can't tell you how many times I've said to myself or the family, "Just a little further - I wanna see what's over this hill."


With geocaching, (most) caches are hidden in very interesting areas with some site or feature worth checking out (although sometimes the cache itself is the main event as with Zartimus' stashes). The finding of the cache and signing of the log is just our way of saying "thanks for the intro to the area" (although the little ones love the trinkets). Our family loves it.


PS: If you're looking for solitude try night-caching. Careful though, it's addictive!


Tripper & fam.

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