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Loooking for other Geocachers in my area.


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Hey Borts,


There are a lot of geocachers in this area. The easiest way to find some close to you is to search for caches close to your postal code. That will show you who has placed caches in your area. If you scroll through the posts, you'll start to get familiar with those finding caches in your area, as well. If you need help, e-mailing the owner of the cache is a good way to get some extra hints. I started about a month ago and that's how I got my feet wet. I have found people very friendly and helpful. There is a cache event coming up, November 1st, in London. GNASHERS 01 - Pub night at London Arms I attended an event in Guelph recently and it was a great opportunity to meet with other cachers and get tips. It also helps putting a face to all those on-line names. Good luck.



Ian. icon_cool.gif

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Greetings Borts!

Algonquin Bound is correct in saying attending Gnashers 01 would be a great place to meet fellow cachers. I know you would be very welcome.

One little correction though. London Arms Pub is in St. Catharines. icon_smile.gif Go figure!


Hoist an ale for me while you are there.


Cheers, Olar


"You are only young once but you can stay immature forever"

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