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MS Streets & Trips 2004 for Canadians

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Is this the best (residential) street level mapping/routing software available to us Canadians especially for those who live outside the major (highly populated?) areas like Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa?


I just got this software yesterday and I was surprised that my 6 year old subdivision is still non-existent in the version whereas Mapquest.com already shows some streets in the village.


I assume that the Delorme USA maps are even worse but I could be wrong.


The Garmin maps are not so good either and maybe the worst of the 3.


Any thoughts?

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Garmin's are by far the worst. There is no coverage of Whistler, BC and the maps are over 3 years old now.


I use MS Streets and Trips 2003 and it is pretty good. I live in Vancouver, BC so with mapsource and streets and trips my area is nicely covered.



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I too picked up this software package recently , seeing as I have supported it since it came out.


If you want your area to be included in the next version you have to use the built in report error feature in Streets and trips.


I submitted a suggestion about a new subdivision my folks live in, in Ottawa and boom 2003 it was there.

I then mentioned that none of the streets in Jasper National Park were labeld as well, and boom in this 2004 version I see they have done it.


That's the best way of getting them to update the software.


Hope that helps.



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