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Northern Ontario Geocaching Society????

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We'll see what kind of interest this generates over the next month or so. Maybe we can get some Urban-Locked Geocachers from "Down South" to come up and experience the Northern Landscape!



Kids who hunt fish and geocache don't mug little old ladies...

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Originally posted by BSM30:

I'm in the Sault boreal jeff. I would like to meet some other cachers. I'm sure Bone_Scavenger wouldn't mind either.


I wouldn't mind meeting fellow local Geocachers. Maybe we can plan a Geocaching excusion into Michigan and share costs. Or just meet at a Tim Horton's and swap stories.


Every hour spent geocaching is added to the end of your life

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plan a get together sometime. I was thinking of places in/around Sudbury and thought of either Fielding Memorial Park in Lively, or Moonlight Beach at the east end of lake Ramsey. Whatever the place, there should be room for a group plus a playground area for the kids. Some bush with trails, etc would be good to make a mini-multi-cache for everyone to do.


Would probably be a good idea to notify some other orgs like CBC radio, community cable tv, and others to promote geocaching.


August weekends are looking busy for us (attend a wedding, plant another cache on Manitoulin, etc), but would be open for more discussion.


BTW - doing a cache hunt today with a person from CBC Radio (Sudbury) for a radio story. Will try to post details on airing when I know more.

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OK, give us more than a day to check the board. I'm going on holidays for two weeks real soon now.<BR><BR>Anyway, yes we might be interested. It should be a family-fun thing. My brother recently went to one outside of calgary. It looked fun.<BR><BR>Check out his pics at <BR><A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A><BR><BR><BR>We may need a few more cachers to get enough people :-).


Some of us take 8 years.

Northern Ontario Geocachers



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we are moving back to North Bay, next week! Been in Moosonee. We are up for events and meeting cachers.



North Bay has a forum (NBGA) which has been pretty quiet lately.

The Northern Ontario Geocacher's page has been pretty active with the Sudbury cachers. Most of us where active in the Sudbury and Area Geocacher's group on FB. Since FB changed the way they display the groups (making things a bit more difficult), we launched the NOG page.

The hopes are to provide a place for all those outside of the COG and NWOG areas a place to call their own.


Normally I would not reply to an 8 year old thread, but I thought it would be interesting, specially since I work with a member of the Eastick Family.



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