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Problems sending a gps from the us?

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My sister lives in Aust. and I bought my nephew a Megellan Meridian with a 128mb sd card for his bday. I am shipping from here because none of the retail sites will ship to Australia.


I see that there is quite a huge price difference over there. I paid $145usd for both (I got a really good deal), but in Aust. the price would be at least double that (like $800AUD!).

Will there be an issue to send this to him? I dont want them to have to pay any duties or taxes-just trying to send over a gift.


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I have a friend moving from Canada to Noosa next week. He enquired about buying a Garmin Legend in Australia, and discovered it to be about 40 percent more expensive. He bought it mail order here in Canada, and is bringing it with him on Tuesday the 7th. Maybe you folks need to have Geocaching Canadians buy them for you, and ship them to you. Ideas?


If I ain't sweatin', I ain't cachin. Are we there yet?

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Given the actual AUD value of the unit (Approx. AUD 250.00, based on the figures you've mentioned), there should be no issue with Taxes. At that value it would fall below the threshold at which duty and GST are collected. The rule for mail is the value must be bellow AUD 1000.00, and the combined amount of duty and GST that would otherwise be collected must be less than AUD 50.00. So so long as the cost of postage is less than AUD 200.00 (GST is payable at 10% on the value of the product + any duty payable [in this case in duty on GPSr is 3%] + freight and insurance).


Hope that helps. How do I know all this? I'm a Customs Broker.


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Good to have a customs official on the Geocache team!


Sent it out with a value of $145us and it cost $24 air mail. Hope they like it!!!!


It has a crude base map in it so hopefully they can find a cheap Aussie version over there.


....Now if someone could just plant more caches in the Newcastle area?

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All works in theory. (Garmin Legends).

Except they have the US basemap in them.

You can easily buy Mapsource (Pacific) and upload the new pacific database, but it will set you back a cool $250 + in Australia for the software.

There is a fair wack of difference in the base maps too, we run Ozzie legends here.

Still a lot cheaper inmporting them though !

Have a great time in Aust guys !

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