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Best Caches in Sydney

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There are so many caches in and around Sydney, and poor old overworked me can only get to a fraction. I wonder if anyone has any recommendations for their favourites?


Mine are as follows (so far):

1. The Final Cut

2. The Maze

3. Between the Tunnels

4. Speelo

5. Us and Them


I'm including Blue Mountains and equivalent distances as they make good day trips.


And what caches are the hardest to get to? As a physical challenge that is. We have a special interest in this as we just planted "Colonic Irrigation", not for the faint-hearted. I don't know of any caches which are like this (4 day hike) but if you do - let me know!



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You haven't been looking too hard. There are several that are very good heart starters. They may not be 4 day walks(who has the time for them) but they are all day or most of the day ones. You don't mention Panorama, Wonderful, Up the River, Stairway to Heaven, Yacaaba, Australias Highest or Paramount Peak. These are by far much much better than between the tunnels. That would have to be one of the easiest caches I have done and if I can get to a cache then it must be easy.

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