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Top 10 Tourist caches in Australia?

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Hi I am traveling to Australia in June with 4 kids as their home school teacher. We would love to do some caching in Australia. I was wondering if someone could recommend the top 10(or whatever) for these sites: Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Sydney... plus we'll be driving up the Eastern coast. Thanks in advance.

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Can help you out with Adelaide ones, but need to really know what areas you are going to be in.

Have you a vehicle, and what type of difficulty are you looking for ?


Team Piggy. SA.

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Well, I've only just started, but the ones I've looked at are:


* Kiddie Cache

* Watching the Curranulla

* Strange Items

* Two suns in the sunset

* The Aussie Munster Hunt

None of which are too difficult. I didn't find the last two yet as the first one (two suns) had people nearby the first waypoint and the second one (Munster) I couldn't find. But, will check these again this weekend.


I will be heading off again this weekend (Sunday) for some more Geocaching.

I might look at:

* Just for Her

* Ansett's lament

* The M5 one (can't remember the name offhand lol) "Mayhem" I think it is..

and the two I missed last time.

Maybe others as well. I will have to check the list of nearby caches.


I also have looked at "Transposing Oats" and "Grounds for pleasure" but didn't read the info on them and see they were somewhat difficult. (especially Oats. I still can't figure out how the code works).


I almost found "Tiny Shiny" as well, but my car broke down and I haven't been back up that way since.


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Have you any idea what part of Sydney you are staying in. What transport will you have? There are many caches on train line access but a lot need a car. Let us know what place you will be staying and for how long and I am sure we can work some out for you.

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These two are close to the city and easy for kids.

1. Gnomes Holiday in kings park. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=6986 incidently kings cache is only 60meters from this one so yoou can find 2 while you are there.

2. South Perth ROX Near the zoo. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=43720

We made both of these ones if you need more details just e-mail us at lynpatnat@yahoo.com

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