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Stolen GPS

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Hello all,


icon_mad.gifIt is part of life I suppose, when some one feels they should have stuff that belongs to you... And such is the case here.. icon_mad.gif


Stolen: on or about 11/Jul/2002

Garmin EMap s/n #99224030

Went missing from Mitchelton, Brisbane


GME have been notified in case it gets to them, and also a couple of GPS vendors.


If it happens to show up anywhere, please email me at: rastas000@yahoo.com.au or contact local police.


icon_frown.gifI am now GPS-less, and feel somewhat naked without it.... It was almost an excuse to get a Streetpilot, but the missus said: "If you can't keep a "cheap" one, you expect us to spend that much????? icon_frown.gif

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Not good to hear about ..


What scenario though ?


Car, house, left on side of road ? Where/How did you lose your GPS?

Others may learn to be more careful from your answers ?


Team Piggy

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The device in question was stolen from my car. I don't leave it on the bracket, rather I take it off and put it in the centre console (out of sight)


Won't be doing that again!!! I am hoping my houshold insurance covers it!!

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I am sorry to hear of your loss.

Now about that replacement....

You probably told her something to the effect of "I need to replace my GPSr"

Try buying the new one as a gift for her so that you can enjoy geocaching together. You can always replace yours later. icon_wink.gif

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Just passing through and offer my condolences.


I generally remove my GPSr when out of the car anyway, but have on occasions left it assuming no-one would bother for an "ugly cellphone". A sad sign of the times I think.


Contents insurance should cover it if the car was locked?




(Wanders off to record the serial on his GPSr!)


A friend helps you move house. A REAL friend helps you move a body!

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