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Captain Morgan

Another Buddy Wanted for "Where's In A Name?" Cache

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I'm trying also Crusso's "Where's In A Name" cache. Our username converts to coordinates 22°39.2' i.e. if you can take photos in some place which locates somewhere in E x°yy.yyy' (you may choose whole coordinate by yourself) S 22°39.2yy' (choose yy by yourself) please contact me, if you're interested in this cache.

That 22.39 - line goes through middle part of your country.


More information about this cache, see:



Best wishes,




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Hi, See the other post about this cache.


You will have a better chance if you use the aussie forums to try to find someone for this:


Aussie geoforums.


You should also describe where your line passes near to help people out if you can, yours as a matter of interest runs across the country. some close towns that you "may" find a cacher to help are:


In Queensland: Port Clinton, Clermont, Winton, longreach.Rockhampton (Largest city nearby, best bet,I think).

In Northern Territory Alice Springs (Prob closest city, not many cachers though !).

In West Australia: Exmouth.


Good luck.. icon_cool.gif

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As per the above posts, my user name translates to 44362896, which when rounded off, is 44° 36' 25" (DMS) Using my atlas which I feel is NAD27, it looks like it passes just south of Christchurch, New Zealand. Anybody know of any New Zealand Geocaching sites?






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