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Trig Cache (Great Southern Land 5)

The 2 Dogs
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"Great Southern Land (5) That's the Trig" has proved to be very popular with geocachers. However there are some out there who prefer this type of adventure to the norm and are only attracted to trig hunting. Also you will note that Australians cannot take part in Geocaching.com's Benchmark Programme so I am after your feedback on the following proposal.


I would like to raise the current ceiling on this cache from 5 to 10. This will especially allow the 'Trig Hunters' to persue more adventures.


Also I invite your opinion on whether or not it is proper for ouselves (Hounddog and Snifter) to log finds on this cache. I would love to get out there and find some and feel that just because we created this vitual, It shouldn't mean we can't join in the challenge. Thoughts anyone?



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Hi 2 Dogs,


I have no objection to you logging your own cache, but also have another suggestion...


Why not compile a list of Australian trig stations (with coords) and supply to Jeremy for inclusion in the Benchmark Hunting section of geocaching.com...


That way, all Australian geocachers could log as many as they liked and multiple finds could be registered for each trig-station... As this locationless cache (unlike some others) involves a significant amount of effort to find & reach the location, I think that this is appropriate...


If it helps, I have a list of all NSW trig stations (with very inaccurate coordinates (rounded to one decimal place))


You will seek the Cache, and you will find it if

you seek it with all your heart and with all your soul...(with apologies to Deuteronomy)

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