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Project APE - Australia

Guest Zaph
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The Project APE cache in Australia has been planted.. (and found)


I managed to get there second (5 hours after the first person found it) - there's still one cool thing left in the cache from APE if you get there next...






Kevin 'Zaph' Burfitt


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A blast from the past. I wish these caches were still active. Such a great loss to Geocaching when they went missing.

  • GC1058 Mission 8: Wattle’s Edge (Project APE Cache) in ...


    12/7/2001 · Mission 8: Wattle’s Edge (GC1058) was created by Project APE on 7/12/2001. It's a Not chosen size geocache, with difficulty of 2, terrain of 1. It's located in Victoria, Australia.

  • GC1412 Mission 11: Tallow's Sand (Project APE Cache) in ...


    3/8/2001 · Mission 11: Tallow's Sand (GC1412) was created by Project APE on 8/3/2001. It's a Not chosen size geocache, with difficulty of 2, terrain of 2. It's located in New South Wales, Australia.

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