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Desert Treks from Al-Khobar - A new guide


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Jon Carter guide proves me wrong in that the landscape in our neighborhood is not necessarily boring compared to Riyadh area if you know where to look for and possibly take longer trips (see my earlier post on this).


The guide is the third in a series of handbooks by Stacey International that covers coast to coast off-road driving in kingdom. It is long awaited (especially by us here in the eastern-province). Along the same lines of Ionis Thompson’s book, Jon carter does it in the same interesting style with full color photographs and illustrations. One particular pleasant difference is the inclusion of gps coordinates in the directions section which should appeal to all of us, geocachers. However, do not expect to see a lot of detailed maps as those shown at the end of Thompson’s book .. (perhaps, because of the inclusion of coordinates).


I purchased my version from Jareer bookstore at SR.50 (I paid SR45 after discount using my membership card ..The salesman showed me a review of the guide that appeared in arabnews paper back in November 2002) it is also available thru:



Back to my original question: Will I now travel less to Riyadh .. I don’t think so. After all, any guide can’t change the terrain for you, it can only guide you to it ( or rather to some of the best of it)

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And we hope you don't. It is good to have you visiting all the sites.


Including GPS coordinates may have a downside, it means that travellers will no longer need to visit Geocaching.com to set their GPS.


It will need someone with the dedication of Lord Jimbo before another travel book will benefit from such good maps. They are not easy but a lot of fun to produce.

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