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English/Arabic Cache Document, updated

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I really don't mind at all, if I only had a 4WD vehicle. icon_rolleyes.gif


But I think I'm the 2nd native Arabian in Saudi Arabia who's trying to participate in GeoCaching. The 1st is Abo Hamad of the Eastern Province, I think. So, I doubt that the original document caused any damage. Whoever tried reading the Arabic part, needed to think really hard to be able to decipher what it meant.





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Originally posted by walzuhair:

I noticed that the English/Arabic cache document had some Arabic linguistic and grammatical errors. So, I took liberty of updating it. You can download a copy from http://www.alzuhair.net/waleed/doc/GeoCaching_Letter_English_Arabic.zip


Maybe you've already used the contact email to do this, but if not you should send a copy to Jeremy so it can be updated on the "list". icon_smile.gif



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I suspect Jeremy and his team are overworked. I have learnt that once overlooked always overlooked and so I don't think you will make progress without sending a prompt. It is probably worth having another go, though I would wait until after the (Western) holiday period and let the inevitable backlog subside.


M of M&Ms.

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I checked the Arabic version and it looks great ... Good work Walz.


I will be coming back to Riyadh during the Eid holiday, seeking some caches. Last time I was there it was in October and it was fun. I remember a time (not very long ago) when there was only one cache throughout the kingdom and so I waited and waited for a closer location to be posted and now there is more than 50; 25 of which are in the last 2 and a half months or so.


I wonder why we don’t have as many caches/geocachers from the eastern province as you do in Riyadh. Is it because the landscape is boring here compared to what you got?


Happy geocaching and happy Eid to all..


Abu Hamad

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Hey Walz,


Jeremy asked for a copy of geocaching letter. I have sent him a copy with all due credit to yourself of course.


I await for your confirmation that it has been accepted as the official version.


Does the Arabic-only version require a similar overhaul.


M of M&Ms

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I would suggest removing the Arabic only document, since it adds no value and limits information to Arabic readers. What do you all think?


Edit: I would also suggest converting it to some high-res image format so that people with any type of computer can read/print it. Being a Macintosh user in the world of wintel PCs gave me problems till I was able to edit it. (it was in Window M$-Word format)




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