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What's your car?

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Do Dodge Dakotas count? I know I'm not there but I have a Dodge Dakots 2WD pickup. Its ok for around here but thats it. My next vehicle will be a full size 4WD truck.



Not so sure, Somewhat new Owner Of a Garmin GPS V Received on 10-03-02

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Hey Walz,


Of the caches you haven’t recorded as being bagged:


Hidden Valley and Martin’s Fall were specifically set to allow access to 2WD.


Hair of the Dammed and Hangover are on good tracks easily traversable by 2WD.


I have seen 2WDs at Zenda Road and End of the World.


If you don’t mind wading a pongy river “Sea of Birds” is available.


and so on.

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2WD will be no problem at "Hidden Valley". However, you may "huff and puff" climbing the hill to the cache hiding place. I'm in good shape, and find some of these scrambles challenging. Do you go alone? Seems a shame you don't have somebody you can share the hobby with. I'm frustrated by the fact that most people are more content staying at home in front of the television with such wonderful natural beauty waiting for them in the Wadis and Escarpments.



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I was able to peel my son away from the PlayStation2 to go find the first cache and that was it, I couldn’t get him to go with me to hide the first cache in Kuwait... We try to encourage family activities in general, but GeoCaching is not a favorite flavor on the menu. icon_smile.gif


When I have time, I keep myself busy with photography.. If all fails, I go GeoCaching.. Sad, but true..


And thanks for the heads up Desert Warrior, we don't want any of those sound effects, hehe.. Although for my weight it's more of a plukhhhh rather than a splat.. icon_biggrin.gif




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"huff and puff"


I am not a fan of too many over challenging caches because we need to encourage more people to partcipate. I believe the two major turn-offs are a cache not found or an approach that is too diffcult (and this includes for 2WD owners). However the current award holders are:


Despite being bagged by the Red Admiral family I believe the "huff and puff" award is currently held by "Alter of Arleah".


If you can differentiate between "Whoosh Splat" awards then the most spectacular must be "Wounded Knee".


The current "Urmmm Urmmm Pop Pop Phiss" award for the most difficult drive (excluding the Empty Quarter, i.e. for a day-out bag) is held by "Stewed Rabbit" and it can be done without bottoming out.


“Forlorn Outpost” probably holds the “Oh my Gosh Stop” award for a passenger wobbling approach. (This award is for the cache that looks more spectacular than it is)


The "Splash Splash" award currently goes to the Sea of Birds.

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I almost got arrested once; the police car stopped as if it spotted murder or rape taking place. The officer asked me what I was doing and then asked for the camera, I refused to hand him the camera, we then argued for 10 minutes and he drove off after warning me not to “do it” again.


Taking some shots from the top of Alfaisaleyya tower could be interesting.. You can bag that virtual cache while you’re at it icon_wink.gif




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A landrover 110 is the only 4WD in the world worth having.


It might not be very cool in summer as the AC tends not to work but:


It us capable of crossing the worst terrain in the world carrying over 1.5 tons of fuel and water and is still able of pulling Hummers and jeeps out.


Ahhh the Brits strike again. LOL

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Mmmm. Steve is not a convert to the detailed map. He was unable to lock the track to the road and consequently he was always located a little bit off and taking turns too early. I just wonder whether they use a different map datum in Saudi and that is the cause of the problem. I would have bought one but the company won't sell the CD to prevent illegal copying. The problem with that is you can't reload the data, without paying again, after you have used the GPS in another area which I sometimes do.

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Land Rover Discovery, period. Fun to drive, even more fun to maintain! I am new to this great site. I moved up from a Garmin 12MAP to a MAP76s. The mapsource maps are lacking for Riyadh but at the GPS gets me home. Walzuhair, according to your long/lat it seems we are almost neighbours, I live just 700meters south of you, small world. Geocaching is something new to me and I enjoy reading the clues, very clever. Keep up the good work.

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