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Three points about the locals:


- An unintended find usualy leads to a lost cache. Please consider this when deciding on a location. The shepherds get to some very unlikley places. Though interestingly the "bottle" (not a cache) hidden in one of the lower caves of the Summan is not only there but locals have left their signatures within.


- Rememeber the security situation hiding secret containers can cause a tad of a stir.


- We are fortunate to have access to sites which would be classed as national treasures back home and fenced off. Lets not spoil them for those that follow.

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always carry enough equipment in your pack. Make sure to have a first aid kit just incase and make sure to have more than enough water for the time you are going to be out.



Not so sure, Somewhat new Owner Of a Garmin GPS V Received on 10-03-02

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Since we're talking about GeoCaching in the Arabian Peninsula, then it's mostly desert adventures. To add to the points mentioned above, I would say:


- Carry extra batteries for your GPS.

- Before reaching for the cache, use a stick to poke it and move it around. This snake was found and killed by one of the local farmers near my first found cache icon_eek.gif :




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ouch, looks like he was stepped on. Thats always a good tip, not only for snakes. We don't have too many snakes that are dangerous in this state.



Not so sure, Somewhat new Owner Of a Garmin GPS V Received on 10-03-02

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An appeal to setters if I may. The summer is coming along with very high temperatures. M&Ms normally issue a warning when we expect a bagger to be outside of their vehicle for more than twenty minutes or exceptional physical activity is required. I am aware of three cases of people suffering from heat during hunts last year and there may be many more. I do believe setters should consider this when writing up their cache. Perhaps now is the time to re-examine write-ups with summer in mind.


M of M&Ms

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Now that the heat is upon us it may be worth setters looking once again at their cache descriptions to ensure that seekers are aware of what to expect and can prepare accordingly particularly gauging how much drink needs to be carried. I think the important criteria are how long and how far will seekers be from their vehicles and how much physical effort is required.

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