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Base Map for Saudi Arabia


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I'm looking for an accurate base map for Saudi Arabia. I'm a Macintosh user and use MacGPS Pro with my Garmin eTrex GPS. I also use Garmin's MapSource under Windows emulation. So, a good base map for any of them would do fine.


A few days ago, I scanned a paper map and calibrated it for use with MacGPS Pro, but the accuracy is not that good. So, I'd appreciate any help in this matter.






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And another appeal. Currently Saudi Arabia does not have the map facility within the Geocaching.com that other countries do. The stalwarts running Geocaching.com are slowly widening the distribution of these maps the aim being for every country to have one eventually. We can improve our priority considerably if we can supply *.spc map of the Kingdom. Has anyone got one?

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Regrettably I don't know much at all. It appears to be used by the more professional geo packages Arcview and so forth. I tried a trawl over the Internet without success. Maybe someone else can help us with further information. Best of luck in hunting down a map.


M of M&Ms

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Hey check out the new Walz in the new power pose photo, the chic shades and the surreal desert. Walz is this the new you? Just what happened in Kuwait? Or is it that having set your first cache you have arrived. You are introducing an upmarket tone to the activity.

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I just purchased my first GPS the other night. I bought a GPS V deluxe. It came with an "Atlantic" Base Map which was all of europe along with major highways and cities in the middle east. I also purchased the MAPSOURCE for Saudi Arabia. I can now use the Autoroute feature to go to any location in the country. The detail for Riyadh is incredible!! It shows ATM locations, restaurants, all streets, interchanges, street names, etc. I just give the unit my starting location and ending location and it then maps out the best way to drive home. Then ask I go down the street, the teeny screen says -- turn right on Ring Road, Left on 501, etc. Even the cloverleaf interchanges are drawn properly! The GARMIN dealer in Riyadh is great! Nice showroom too!

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Yes, I purchased the Garmin V as well as the Saudi base map from Darmoja. Although the Riyadh map appears to be very detailed, I'm disappointed with the accuracy and functionality The AUTOROUTE feature appears not to work with the data. It can't seem to "see" the new download for AUTOROUTE so it attemps to find the grid coordinates using the major roads and then heads off road even though there are many legitimate streets to traverse. Also, when travelling down these streets, you are not placed on the roads, so often the map shows yout travelling either to the right or to the left of the road you know you are on. It is consistently off to the right or to the left, so I believe it is a map problem and not a GPS problem. When I'm on RING ROAD it always shows me in the correct location, and announces the proper names of upcoming intersections or overpasses.


I've contacted Darmoja for help on this. If this is the best it can do, I wouldn't spend the extra money on the Saudi map unless you are happy being located within 30 meters of a street corner.



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I downloaded the latest version of the software (2.09beta) for my GPS V. When it started up, it clearly stated that AUTOMAP would not work with my detail maps. So I guess AUTOMAP is out of the question. Still, with all the additional roads the MAPSOURCE gave me, I do not regret my purchase. Accuracy is not what it should be in places. The Saudi maps are dated DEC 2002, so I guess I should consider myself an early implementor. I have heard that they are struggling with copy protection schemes so I suspect that this effort is not closely tied to to whoever is doing MAPSOURCE stuff for GARMIN.


I did download all my tracking data and waypoints into my PC. I was very pleased with the ability to edit the information and then load it back in.


I'm growing more and more find of my GPS V.

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Thanks Steve. A bit expensive for dodgy software though. As to the PC software, I find it very useful however it can be a little tedious merging data as there is no facility to do so. I get around the problem by loading both sets from the PC into the GPS and then downloading the result, the two sets now merged, back into the PC. Has the modern version addressed this problem.

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I obtained my SAUDI detail map by taking my unit down to DARMOJA and where they dumped it into my unit. It was very detailed but I wanted to be able to see it on my PC. The Garmin V comes with European City Select which does not include Saudi Arabia. However, my Garmin V has most of the major highways in the middle east loaded up. Anyway, using MAPSOURCE I attempted to grab the map out of my GPS unit to play with it in MAPSOURCE. I get the following error: SOME MAP SOURC PRODUCTS COULD NOT BE OPENED BECAUSE THE FOLLOWING MAPSOURCE PRODUCTS ARE NOT INSTALLED: SAUDI ARABIA. Of course I purchased Saudi Arabia but didn't get a CD. DARMOJA won't give me a CD because they don't have any copy protection schemes. So, I can't use the Saudi Detail map for AUTOROUTE on my GPS unit or do anything with it on my PC.


DARMOJA suggested that it would work with Worldmap. I purchased worldmap, but it still won't take the SAUDI detailed map from my unit.


I can upload all my tracks and waypoints to the PC. However, the tracks miss the highways as shown on the Garmin Worldmap. So either the GPS unit is wrong, or the worldmap is wrong.

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