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Any Aramcon's Cachin over there?


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I am not an Aramcon as may be seen by my lack of a Rolex. I don't believe we have any and if we do they are keeping a low profile. Geocaching here is great, we are very lucky. We have all types of caches to bag from those that require two days across the sand to get to, those in which you have to descend into the bowels of the earth, those that require superb athletic prowess to bag and those that are an easy diversion from a picnic. Most caches are in marvellous settings and some have absolutely stunning views. In most others countries these would be on private land or you would have to pay to get to, certainly you would need to force your way through the crowds. Not here it is free for all with just enough people to stop you getting lonely. Confirm what I say is true by looking at some of the photographs on the cache pages.

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Thanks for the info M&M. My Rolex is in the shop right now, so I know what it's like to go without.


I noticed that there was only one cache in the Dhahran area, so I didn't think any Aramcons were into it yet, but I was hoping. If I get my way, there could be a few more popping up around there. I have our 7 Habits Facilitator very interested in it as a "Sharpen the Saw" exercise.


There is one cache way out in the Rub that I noticed. Man, would I like to bag that one.


Keep up the good work over there. I can guess what you'll be doing on RePat.



The greatest labor saving invention of today is tomorrow....


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icon_cool.gifThere are six caches in the Rub, nine if your count the Mundafin and ten if you include the virtual one though I suppose that may fall outside the boundary. We did have two in Dammam but one did walk about one of only three we have lost and one of those may be attributable to baboons. Geocaching has only really taken off in the last year when we have increased from two caches to seventy-three but we are still trying to spread the word. It is fast approaching M&Ms first anniversary a group that took over from where the original setters left off to promote responsible geocaching in the Kingdom. The progress that has been made in that time is excellent. We have one keen bagger from Dammam who is prepared to travel to Riyadh to participate and that says a lot in itself. Perhaps Bahrain proves too much of a distraction to those in the East.
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I'm slowly getting the word out. I have many friends over there that would find Geocaching as fun and exciting as I have. I'm keeping an eye out for new caches in Jeddeh and Dhahran. I'm still campaigning for a position over there. Not much need for my specialty though. I have even learned to speak, read, and write Arabic a little. By no means fluent, or even very conversational, but I could survive outside the compound very easily.

Sn icon_razz.gificon_razz.gifgans



The greatest labor saving invention of today is tomorrow....

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I remember working for Aramco in another world another time (Jurassic period to be exact) :laughing:


The number of caches here has grown slowly but steadily over the last two years and I expect to see more. They are concentrated around Riyadh area reflecting the whereabouts of the setters.


I live in Dammam, not far from Dhahram, and just like you I wonder why Aramcons are not cachin’. The eastern province with its close proximity to neighbouring Gulf States is ideal for geocaching in those countries as well. As M&M noted, we have great open outdoors for everyone to enjoy and we recently saw new comers to the sport from Riyadh. I hope to see more in other parts of the kingdom.


It was Dec. 1984 when I first came into contact with ASC, Houston .. but that is another story not dating to Jurassic period ..

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