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I'm not confirming or denying Wild Rovers' accomplishment. However, I feel that the entire GeoCaching spirit is there to encourage people to have fun in seeking, and to share site visits by hiding caches in them.


Unless one is participating in a cache race, then I personally don't mind if people went in and logged victory in finding a cache.. It does not bother me one bit.. If that what brings a smile to their faces, then let them have it.. icon_biggrin.gificon_cool.gif




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OK Jim. I see your point. Probably should have been logged as a "Note" vs. a "bag". However, having found the flag meant he was close enough to touch the cache, but as you point out, "this ain't horse-shoes".


But it is good to have the new players with us, so let's be gentle on us "newbies". We are just learning the sport -- you've been at it for many years -- long before GPS was available.


The hunt has changed from "turn left at the green tree" to posting of exact coordinates the get you to within 10 meters or so of the target.


Again -- my verbal jousting here is done with tongue-in-cheek. I'm really happy to have met all of you and that this sport exists here in Kingdom to give us the a challenge to explore! I'm having great fun!!



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Originally posted by swdecato:

I support Wild Rover (and I placed the cache). He found the flag. He experienced the panic of the location. I'd say he earned the "been there, done that badge".


Steve, You set the cache. If your intention was just for people to climb the hill then why make the cache so difficult to find? You should reset it in a 1*/2* location.

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Sheesh!! You guys are always picking on me!! I guess the difficulty numbers should suit the cache. My intent in placing it was not to stump anybody but to establish a challenge and reward those who made it to the top. The walk up is steep but not impossible and not even dangerous unless you trip or do it in the dark.


You guys have the advantage because you know the personalities here. I'm trying to be nice and not offend anybody -- and now can't even tell who is serious or who is kidding any more.


I'm so confused I'm not ever going to leave my compound ever again.


Yeah. Right.

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Hey we take our kidding very seriously indeed.


There is nothing wrong with setting a challenging cache it gives us real men a good training run out. I am little disappointed though after having spent some time looking for your cache in order to sign the log to realise all I needed to do was get to the top. Perhaps that is why you left an empty cache at Box Canyon Overlook.


... presumably not leaving your compound will not impede your enjoyment of geocaching you can bag the lot without even leaving your keyboard. I will swap you a nice one in South Africa for one worth bagging in Hawaii.

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Yes - what a lovely stimulating discussion.


By the way I looked in detail at my Saudi maps last night whilst I was in bed and managed to bag 5 caches. What a night.


I agree with our Colonial Cousin who suggests that Wild Rover delete his claim and insert a didn't find. After all this is neither cricket nor horseshoes. icon_eek.gif

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I do not think that anyone should claim a cache unless you find the box and sign the book.


How anyone could think differently I cannot understand. You don't nearly climb a mountain and claim it, you don't nearly break a record and claim it and you don't nearly win a race and claim it.


Yes maybe the sarcasm was not called for but what I said was a logical conclusion of what could happen.


As far as I am concerned the subject that I raised is now closed.

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