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Newbie Success


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Vitrtual handshakes to the Saudi Geocaching community from a couple of newbies.


After finding the Geocaching.com website and forums Saudi Sapper and I decided to give it a go. We first got some pointers from veteran cacher swdecato here at Eskan then set out to find the Sharks Teeth cache (GCA01C). We were able to find the cache and a handful of sharks teeth as well (pictures of the outing uploaded by Saudi Sapper on the cache page). We are looking forward to finding and placing more caches in the coming weeks! icon_wink.gif

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Welcome aboard!


Good to have another American. I was feeling like the Lone Ranger -- and those dadgum Brits are just too fast for me! I think they drive just out of sight behind me and bag the cache just as soon as I disappear around the corner! Even though I poison them with false coordinates!

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Oh dear and without having in your bag: Hadidah's Meteorite, The Mines Of Moria, Stewed Rabbit and Wounded Knee. However it is nice to see a new generation of newbies whilst the previous ones progress, flex their muscles, are full of bravado but have yet to enter the real man’s world.

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Two months with a GPS on ESKAN makes me a veteran! There are very few here that are ambitious enough to go out on these weekend adventures. Most stay on the compound and while away the weekend. I look forward to every new and wonderful surprise the GEOCACHE sport brings me.


[This message was edited by swdecato on January 07, 2003 at 02:34 AM.]

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