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Denver, CO trip planning, with some Geocaching, late April/ early May 2022


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Greetings Colorado geocachers!

Dr.MORO from Cambridge, MA here.

I have been posting on FaceBook GCCO Geocaching Colorado, but had the idea to post on GC forum here as well.

I'm planning to visit Denver (first time post-geocaching) for an in-person conference. I have two full days free, 4/30 (Sat) & 5/5 (Thu), and thinking of which geocaches to go find. I possibly will need to rent a cah, perhaps a SUV, in any case.

Oldies GC18 Tarryall, GC67 Paul Barclay Stash, and also GC34KP9 Cache Across America - Colorado, are a must for me, at least. Additional possibilities are maybe GC19 Geocache (a bit far south?), Pikes Peak summit (by cog train yet time-consuming). With a long 8 hours round trip to GC30 Mingo (THE oldest active geocache in the world), I think this should not be within this time's planning and for some other time in the future. Maybe a few Virtuals and EarthCaches, a few pre-solved puzzles and challenges in between.

My current plan is, on 4/30 (Sat) to visit Boulder, CO area and GC34KP9 Cache Across America - Colorado, and on 5/5 (Thu) to visit Colorado Springs area for Oldies GC18 Tarryall, GC67 Paul Barclay Stash, and possibly Pikes Peak, and very rare Webcam GCPTF0 Giraffe Cam, while eyeing GC19 Geocache.

Any suggestions on how to pull this off, or where else to go within my timeframe, would be very much appreciated.

I very much look forward to adding another State souvenir of Colorado!


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If you're going out to Mingo, remember that Arikaree (GC31), another May 2000 hide by the same CO, is out that way as well. I'm planning on hitting both whenever my travels finally take me through, probably next summer.


edit: and hey, is my advice timely, because your trip already happened. D'oh!

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