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Growing our game

Mack's Nav-5

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As a new member and a geo-rookie (25 found) I see a potential challenge with the future of this great organization. Many of the geo-veterans (100 or more found) are not placing enough caches out to be found! I was looking through some stats and noticed some people with 400 to 500 finds with as little as 2 to 10 hidden! What examples are we displaying to future veterans about growing something we all enjoy so much? A possible solution would be to require members to hide and maintain 5 to 10% of their total finds. This would ensure continued growth and keep the interest to all who participate in geocaching. What do you think? Thanks..Tim (Mack's Nav-5) Georgia/USA

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Welcome Mack's Nav-5;


You will enjoy the game in the long run.


And the problem your getting at has been hashed and cussed and cursed and even debated a lot of time's.


And the last I read, no known answer was ever arrived at.


And if you find a cure, let us oldtimers with a box full of hides know how to get others to hide a lot more.


And as for requiring a ratio of hides, how are you going to enforce it? And what if there are a lot of hides in a small area with a lot of cachers close by. Just think, if 100 people hide 10 each, you would have a 1000 caches. And that would be enough hides to look for to keep even myself busy for a couple weeks.


And you will hear a lot more from the others later on. Heck, you will even get markwelled a couple (dozen) times.



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You should only place as many as you can reasonable maintain.


I've got about 20 out and have placed 40 over time. More will follow. One thing I do not want to do is dominate my area any more than I already do. On the other hadn if nobody ESPECIALLY the newbies don't get out there and hide them I'll have nothing better to do than place yet more caches.

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All right, you shamed me into adding a cache today. it's only a virtual but it's 1700 KM from my home and would be hard to maintain as a traditional cache.


Make that 2 caches, one in California, one in Holland.


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