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How to report a bug - Geocaching® app

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The best way to report a bug:

  • First, see if someone else has already reported this issue.
  • Add new information to an existing thread.
  • Start a new thread if no one has reported the bug yet. Be sure to use a specific topic title and description. For example: "Caches not showing on the map".

When you start a new thread, include information and steps to reproduce the issue:

  • App platform in the thread title (iOS or Android).
  • Specific steps to reproduce the bug.
  • The area of the app causing the issue
    • Example: the Map page, List page, etc.
  • GC code if the bug occurred on a cache page.
  • Screenshots are very helpful.
  • Your current app version (found in the app under More > Version info).


If you are not able to get your answer in the forums or need specific follow up, please contact us.

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