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how do you temporarily de-activate a cache???


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In Houston, TX it reciently rained, and our cache took on some water. So I removed it to dry it out or replace it with a better container. But people keep visiting the site and posting bad reports. How would i temporarily de-activate the cache??? If you have any idea, post it, or e-mail me at SPRINGFRESHMAN@ACADEMICPLANET.COM, it would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks to all


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When you are logged in on the cache owner's account, go to the cache details page for the cache you described. Right next to the name of the cache, there will be an option to click on that says "Temporarily Disable this Cache". Click on that link. After you complete this process, a bold statement will appear on the cache page, and when viewed in the list format, it appears at the bottom of the list as "temporarily unavailable" with lines crossing through it. People know not to hunt those.


It also helps if you post a note to your cache page to explain what is going on, with replacing the container, and maybe giving a time estimate. Then post another note when you're back in business. People who want to hunt for your cache can put it on their watch list so they will know when it's up and running.


You can post questions like this in the "general" forum or in the forum called "South and Southeast" which includes Texas.


Good luck fixing your cache!



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