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Sad in Singapore

Fat Matt

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Labrador Park. Changi. East Coast Park. Kranji. Kent Ridge Park. Bukit Timah. Mandai. The Zoo. Fort Canning. Pearl's Hill Park. Sungei Buloh Park. MacRitchie. West Coast Park. Sentosa. Ubin. Telok Blangah. Bukit Batok. Mount Sophia.

Pasir Ris Park. And on and on and on. Lots of places for caches.


Let's show a little effort. It's not like we're living in a complete concrete jungle. First Fat Matt cache is scheduled to be placed this weekend. By the way, how many people have been to someplace in Singapore for the first time ON A HUNT?

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I visited a few areas I doubt I would have gone to otherwise because a cache was there. When you place a cache outside the central parts of the city, the only thing I ask is that you also provide some transit information for tourists who otherwise may not have a clue how to get there. For instance, a nearby bus route.

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Fair enough. Although a map and a Singapore Bus Guide will do the trick for those that have them. I wrote out a list of places for caches last night and came up with 18 potential spots- all of which are far enough away from existing caches to prevent a cachejam. Over the next month or so I'd like to get 5-8 hidden and get people out exploring places other than just the usual spots.


We'll see....

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Originally posted by Fat Matt:

Fair enough. Although a map and a Singapore Bus Guide will do the trick for those that have them.


Except the first time I came to Singapore I didn't have the guide until after I landed. I'll be in better shape to pre-plan before my next visit. Although, I did get 2 on Orchard Rd. during my last visit.


Now where did I park my car??????? monkes.gif

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I find that Singapore is a very good place for geocaching, because your transportation system is very efficient and well-documented, and the peace and order situation is good. The next time I'm there again I will go after some of your caches. I've found eight in Singapore so far, but have not been there in quite a few months.

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I had in mind to plant a cache in the central catchment area few months back, but it didn't materialize yet. It's a multi-cache that will allow the cache seeker to take a small hike "thru the woods". icon_cool.gif This is for all nature lovers, and it will be physically more strenuous compared to the other caches here as you have to walk up to 3 hours, depending on your walking speed. (Having a set of wheels will not help you!) I wonder what the response will be?



Maguro Sushi!

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Well, it's funny you should mention that because my associate and I took a walk up from Bukit Timah Nature Reserve to the zoo 2 weekends ago. The problem is that you may need to rely less on GPS co-ordinates and more on logistical/ geographic clues because of the GPS signal blockage under the trees. (Although there is one great location for getting a reading just before you head onto the Gangsa Trail). I guess if you made the caches leading to something pretty nice, you might get a few people out there. But remember, 3 hours with a moaning, complaining bald white guy was bad enough- imagine it with a bunch of moaning, complaining kids!

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