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Help needed, tracking a Travel Bug in Hungary.

Ridgeseeker and Suzaru

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I'm looking for ideas on finding the TB we created and placed in a cache in Hungary, in 4/03.

The hope was that the little guy might make it back to us in Alaska.

At the time we placed the traveller, we did not understand that there is no apparent 6-digit tracking system for TB's yet available in that part of Europe. Also, very few of the active cachers log into the geocaching.com site, but rather use the Hungarian language site, which is certainly understandable.

Does anyone have a contact in Hungary, or nearby, that might help review the cache logs in Hungarian, and maybe find clues regarding our little lost friend?

Sure would appreciate ideas..

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Thanks for the idea. I have had some contact with a local cacher in Hungary who raised my hopes for following the trail, but he has faded.

Perhaps someone will eventually post a sighting. I think the language barrier has intimidated active Hungarian cachers; their only option I'm aware of is Groundspeak.com. Maybe someday the game will support international language translation for all log-ins. Wouldn't that be somthing? Bye.

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