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So which 15 countries...

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It's too bad you can't plant virtual caches in some countries :bad: . I was in North Korea and did a virtual in Pyongyang. The politics preclude placing caches, and there aren't many whom have GPS there. Virtuals are the only way to go until the current regime lightens up and opens up.


Oh, well....

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Of course they have some kind of autonomy, but they are not countries. And the same goes with several other "countries" listed. Antarctica, Isle of Man etc.

The Isle of Man is an independent island whose government dates back to just after the time when you scandinavians invaded!


Contrary to popular belief it is NOT part of the UK nor is it a member of the EU (but enjoys associate status). The only connection with the UK is that Queen Elizabeth II is constitutional head of state - but this is no bar to independent statehood as the queen is also head of state of Australia, Canada etc.


Small it may be but it is a country in its own right!





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Actually, I believe there ARE caches in Iraq... Servicemen and all that. Least, I remember hearing sometihng about it... may not be related to GC.com though...


There are caches in Iraq. I got one of them while I was deployed. All I searched for are on military instalations.

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I wonder if there are any in Iran?? I've always heard folks in Iran enjoy western culture so I imagine geocaching would be fun for them as well...as long as the secret police didn't get them. I wouldn't mind searching for one there but as a US soldier, I'm sure I probably wouldn't be very welcome. :(

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