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Bug: Display completed adventures disconnect

the Seagnoid

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With the latest release of the Adventure Lab app (App version 1.3.21 build 2679 on Android) there is a disconnect between the filters and the profile setting Hide completed. If Hide completed is on then when starting the app the filter option Completed status Completed is off and completed adventures correctly do not show. Ticking filter status Completed correctly shows the completed adventures, and turns off the setting Hide completed. If you then unticking filter status Completed (so that now all filter settings are unticked) the map shows both completed and uncompleted adventures. So ticking or unticking the Completed filter both show completed adventures.


The solution is to keep the profile setting Hide completed, and have this stored as a separate parameter from the filter option. The default filter option should be tick all and this should be loaded at application startup. The profile setting is then copied to the filter setting. As some filter options are now unticked, the filter icon on the map screen would show that filters have been selected.


Alternatively, if you want the filters to show a filter out rather than a filter in, then the default filter is all unticked, and the Profile option is inverted and copied to the filters, thus ticking it.

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