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Something wrong with the MapQuest maps of The Czech Republic


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I visited Prague in the Czech Republic on my summer holiday and searched some geocaches. I had printed some MapQuest maps to help my walking between the caches. I noticed that on those printouts the star indicating the location of the cache is about 500 meters to the west (and a little bit to the south) from the real location!


Anybody knows the reason? Is there same kind of fault in other countries? At least the maps of Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Finland seem to be OK.

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You are right. There is a difference between the position of a star and real location of a cache (at least in Prague). I never noticed this fault before (because I don't use MapQuest when searching for caches in my home country). But in Austria is MapQuest OK (in my experience). I don't know exact reason of this difference - maybe different datum of map source? For example military maps of Czech Republic use datum S 1942, but in such case values of difference would be N-S 2320 m, W-E 180 m.

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