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Unable to log in to the Wherigo area


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I can log into the main gc website just fine, but for some time now I have not been able to log in to the Wherigo part of the site. I have been advised before to wait and it will just go away, but it has been months now since I have been able to access Wherigo. When I try and log in I get the following error. I get this error on whatever browser I try, and whether I try and access from my phone or my laptop. Can anybody help as HP Support say "At this time we are not able to provide technical support for Wherigo Caches"



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Thanks for the reply. This is for any cartridge I try and access on the Wherigo system. Any time I try and access Wherigo I get that error whether I try and access it from my phone, laptop, and whatever browser I use. I'm hoping that somebody in HQ can maybe reset my password on the Wherigo system or do something to help?

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OK, so here is the latest on this - i.e. when I go to the Wherigo site and try and download a cartridge


  1. I have tried logging in on different devices and different browsers - all failed with the error I initially posted above
  2. I tried logging in with an incognito browser window - failed again
  3. I tried resetting my GC password - failed again
  4. In desperation, I have created a new account that is just a basic member as opposed to my usual account which is a premium member - guess what, I can access Wherigo cartidges from the same devices/browsers that fail above

In other words, this proves that the Wherigo site does NOT like my login which is fully paid up. Can somebody please get my login account to work on Wherigo? I'm a fully paid up premium member, so I should have access to the site with my account.


Many thanks in advance

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