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View Larger Map on an archived cache hangs the web page


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If I search explicitly for an archived find of mine (GC4AFPT TNLNSLTFTC!) and click on View Larger Map a modal error dialog appears that cannot be dismissed. Clicking the X to close just makes it reappear. 


I have intermittently seen a variant of this problem when I drag the window and click "Search This Area". If I drag and click search too quickly sometimes I get a similar blocking dialog but with coordinates showing. I assume this problem is due to firing a search while another search is underway confusing matters. Still, it should not do this. 

Blocking Dialog.png

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Yep, I think they are trying to remove functionality to easily see archived caches. The only way you can pull up an archived cache on the map is if you click on your "hides page" from your profile page. This will show you a map of all your caches including archived. You can individually view the cache page by inputting the gc code into the search bar on the geocaching.com homepage. I find this "update" very frustrating and hope they change it back so clicking on the map on an archived page will still show you where it was located.

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I use Tampermonkey and GC little helper II in Chrome browser and can view archived geocaches in Google maps from the geocache page.
Attached is what my Larger Maps area looks like for the Ducks66 on the loose TNLNSLTFTC! page.

Editing to show Larger Map picture for TNLNSLTFTC! 

The link in the first post led to the Ducks66 on the loose page

Screenshot 2022-02-22 190514.png

Edited by Great Scott!
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FWIW currently when you click on "View Larger Map" above the small map you get the not so helpfull message seen in the OP and I confirm that the view "hangs" there. But for me this happens only on caches I don't own. On own archived caches I'm getting the GC map with a marker at the cache coordinates.


But for every archived cache you can click also on the left side one of the "For online maps..." links and you get dependig on the selected map a mapview centered at the coordinaates. In the OpenStreetMap you even get a marker at the cache position.

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Not allowed to talk about it but I use an app that lets me see archived caches easily. I'm not surprised about the error though - having trouble today getting the mapping function to work AT ALL for lists. (Off to find where to post about that...) 

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On 3/2/2022 at 3:50 PM, HHL said:

My browser opens the "View larger map" link from the mentioned cache with no issues. There must be more to this on your side: do not accept all cookies, privacy settings in your profile (to name just two possible issues not showing the map).



FWIW in the OP the link points not to the mentioned and archived Cache GC4AFPT but (I think in error) to https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC68Z54 which is not archived.

The archived cache GC4AFPT can be found here and I can confirm that clicking on "View larger map" on this and any other archived cache (not owned by me) produces a "hanging" tab which can only be closed in the browser.

I'm a basic member using Vivaldi or Firefox Browser on Win10


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Search will not find archived caches (except for in combination with "found by me"), it has been like that for a long time and is intended. I think this is to discourage people from going out looking for archived caches, since they may be archived on request from the land manager or are otherwise in an unsuitable location.


When a search results in no matches, the search map view will show you that dialog, telling you that it couldn't find what you're looking for.


What is (somewhat) new here is that "view larger map" nowadays opens the search map, not as before the browse map. The browse map would not care if it is centered on an archived cache, it would just not show it in the center. This new behavior is something many have complained about - personally I am always after the browse map in these situations so this costs me an extra click - but apparently in vain.


This dialog is a side effect of the decision to "view larger map" in search mode instead of browse mode. Of course it is annoying that it can not be dismissed, but not as annoying as that extra click to get to the browse map.

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