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Customs, GPS, and China


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Don't know, but I will personally find out next week. To most people it just looks like a cell phone anyways and my experience in the past is that it actually is more of a fascination to customs and airport officals than anything else. If it is questionable, just remember to always go to a male offical since boys like toys.

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When I went to China (NY->Anchorage->Shanghai->Beijing) a few years ago, they just looked at my passport on the way in, and didn't check anything at all on the way out.

The plane stopped in Tokyo on the way back and the Japanese authorities made everyone get out and be re-screened, but I doubt they'd have an issue with a GPS.

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Walked right through customs last week in Beijing and they don't seem to check anyone if you head to the green line with nothing to declare. So far I have hidden one virtual cache in Qingdao right near the centre of the site of some of the water-based activities for the 2008 Summer Olympic games (see http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=40210).


Steve (aka Licorice)


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