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Garbage in finnish caches/ Roskia suomalaisissa kätköissä

Captain Morgan

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Moi !


Mikä mättää suomalaisilla geokätkijöillä kun kätköihin pitää panna rikkinäisiä tavaroita tai ihan arvotonta roskaa ? Mielestäni olisi soveliasta että vaihtotavara olisi ehjää, eikä myöskään mitään Kinder-munien roskaleluja... Olkaa ystävällisiä ja laittakaa jotain, mitä voisitte itsekin ottaa mielellään mukaanne!






What's wrong with finnish geocachers ? Several of them seem to place broken things, or totally unworthy trash into caches. I think the things that geocachers place in caches, should not be broken, nor they should be some old Kinder-chocolade egg trash-toys... Please place something that you would personally like to find from the cache !


Or is this a global problem... ?


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I think most people that Do geocaching dont do it for the love of finding a fabulous prize at the end of it. Most would consider the hunt to be more important. the children that tag along with the parents dont care if its a valuable item of something that came out of a cerial pack. We try to place items that may be of interest rather then PRICE. But if we have nothing available then its whatever we can find that goes in. Try enjoying the event and hunt. also if you stary placing valuable items in the caches then someone else may reciprocate. We will follow if you lead (maybe). and yes it is universal. We have caches full of macdonalds toys over here. We are pllanning to go to Denmark Next year so maybe we will find some interesting Austrlian (probably made in China) items for placing in the caches there. see you in Europe. Lyn Pat and Nathan

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I don't mean that the items in caches should be valuable. They just should not be broken. McDonalds toys are ok, as they are pretty good quality toys. But those in Kinder-eggs, they are usually really garbage.


I do geogaching just for the fun of finding caches, but for our kids the main thing is to find nice treasure. And it's not nice to find broken toys. So we have nowadays few cheap little toys (value some 20-50 cents) in our backpack, and if the items in cache are garbage, we will take nothing and we will give those toys to our boys, instead of placing them in the cache.

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Originally posted by Captain_Morgan&Family:

At the end of November i found several caches in Helsinki area, and i must say i was a "bit" disappointed on some of the things i found, the worst were:

- empty candy box

- small McDonalds salt paperbags

Regards, Captain Morgan

That reminds me of the time I found a saltshaker of tooth picks in one of my caches. Im still not sure who/why It was left there.



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