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Best Caches in Italy


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We'll be travelling in Italy from July 6-16 and would like to find some caches. Since we're very limited on time we wanted to get some suggestions for the BEST caches in Italy.


Here are the cities we'll be in:




Cinque Terre


Venice (maybe)



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I was in Italy in October of 2002 and while I didn't have a complete list of caches I could look for, I DID place a few.


My favorite memories of my trip are of the nice hike at Cinque Terra, and so I recommend this one I placed there.


Cinque Terra--Corniglia


I also placed a film cannister in a car wreck in a wilderness area in Rome, but I doubt you will find your way to that one!


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I am trying to do the cache Where's in a name. I was wondering if there are any cachers in the Milan area who would be willing to help me out and log a cache for themselves at the same time? Here is the site. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=12627 My caoord I am looking for is N 45 47.76 It can be anywhere for the Lon but this will run a line through the Milan area and I thought it would be cool to have one from there.


Thanks for the help,





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