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Geocaching tv clip on Fox 31 news

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Hello all-


It was announced on the radio this morning that there will be an article about GeoCaching on Fox 31 news tonight (April 30th, 2003) at 9:00pm Colorado time.


Just thought you'd want to know. I'd be curious on what you thought of the article after watching it.




Hard work pays off in the future, laziness pays off now.

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I just watched the clip on Fox31 this morning. I had been traveling for my business this week and asked my wife to tape the program. It was well done, but I need to post one correction. Jeremy didn't create the sport - he popularized it through the development of the Geocaching website and currently owns the rights to Geocaching.com and Groundspeak.com.


Jeremy is my son. I'm sending a CD of the program to him. I must say, we've watched with amazement at how this sport has taken off over the last few years. We very much enjoy caching ourselves and would do it more often if we had more time.


By the way, Sari Pador is a gem. I think she enjoyed producing the Fox31 segment on Geocaching as much as we enjoyed participating. She did a nice job characterizing the sport to Colorodans. Cheers! Steve Irish

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