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Release Notes (Website: Upcoming retirement of the old drafts pages) - February 1, 2022

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9 minutes ago, Bl4ckH4wkGER said:

I also wanted to close the loop on the feedback and feature requests that we received, documented, and will consider during the next iteration on the drafts page. All of these are pending further investigation and formal approval.


 It's a good list, thanks for the transparency  (Y)

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On 2/8/2022 at 4:30 AM, Magpie42 said:

2. once you have deleted a draft (no matter if intentionally or by accident), there is no way to get it uploaded again, at least not with the same date or type.

     What should this be good for?  Apart from the fact that gc.com needs additional server and db capacity and performance, to maintain
     a completely superfluous drafts history, why shouldn't there be a possibility to have multiple draft versions - esp. as you don't allow to edit drafts?!

     And what if a draft has been deleted by accident ...? Do you want to force the users to fake the date?!  In fact encourage users to cheat?
     Do you really want this ...?  I doubt it.


THIS!  I just had a couple big days of caching, with over a couple hundred finds.  I uploaded all the drafts/fieldnotes, and then before posting any logs on any of them, I suffered some uncertainty about whether I had actually included everything.  So because I wanted to make sure nothing was duplicated, I deleted everything and started over.  NOW I CANNOT UPLOAD any of my 200+ drafts.  Having to drag up each of those webpages manually to log them all is going to make me very, very frustrated.


Groundspeak, this is not helpful!  At the very least, there should be prominent warnings indicating that deleting a draft will result in never ever being able to use it again, even if you haven't followed through and posted a log from it!  But seriously, how boneheaded is that?!

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Im am using a selfmade linux tool to write and edit my logs.


When I used the old drafts upload, empty lines where preserved, in the new draft uploads it seems that empty lines are not allowed anymore. I tried to change my line endings from unix LF to DOS CRLF to no avail.


Are there specifications available for the format of the file to upload? So i can adapt my tool and have empty lines again.


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I don't like the new behavior neither (and, BTW, I don't know at least a single one who does), but perhaps they in fact want to persuade us to write shorter logs, as with just a "TFTC" you don't need empty lines at all ...?


However, as I don't like short logs *and* like to increase readability by adding space lines, too, (another aspect they obviously haven't taken into account), I currently add a so called "hard blank" (i. e "& nbsp ;"  resp. "ampersand nbsp semicolon" ) to my empty lines - looks a bit weird on first sight, but does the trick.

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