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2022 Geocaching HQ Souvenir Moments

Max and 99

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3 hours ago, GeoElmo6000 said:

I used to like the "challenge" of the souvenir only being offered on one day.

Same here - and it can be difficult for us, with work and school commitments and a nearly completely cleaned out local area, but that's what adds to the fun, and it usually rains on those days too!

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International EarthCache Day 2022


Just like the wave in the sandstone, everything has its ups and downs, but did you know that this sandstone’s ups and downs are a product of sand dunes and erosion?

You can learn fun facts like this and more on Saturday, October 8, and Sunday, October 9, when you find any EarthCache to celebrate International EarthCache Day and earn your souvenir!

All non-Premium EarthCaches are open to everyone throughout the weekend on the Geocaching® app from 11:00:00 UTC on Friday, October 7, until 10:00:00 UTC on Monday, October 10.

EarthCaches do not have physical containers. Instead, they take you to a unique geological feature and teach you something about the area. Think the Grand Canyon in Arizona, the glaciers of Argentina, or even speleothems in a cave somewhere in Iceland.

What kind of EarthCache do you want to visit on International EarthCache Day?

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