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The San Diego Thread

Night Hunter

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I am coming to San Diego this weekend, (26th/27th) to see my friend Bridget in a play. I figured this would be a good place to ask local cachers about which caches I should hit. Easier ones are better as I will have the family with me. I won't have time to do any major hikes. Not familiar with the areas, but I should be close to the Old Globe Theater in Balboa Park.


stealyourcache.gif Ever notice how anyone that caches more than you do is a maniac, while anyone that caches less than you do is an idiot? -Dru Morgan

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In celebration of today's importance (what imortance? Keep reading.), I am going to start a little conversation. I want to know how you got started in geocaching. How did you find out about it. What where your first caches. What about your first hidden cache. Does your Sig. Other cache with you? You can leave out your hair color though.


I would love to hear from everybody. Yes even you Lurker. You know who you are, reading every post but never posting. Even our friends from Riverside and Orange county who frequent this thread can join in. And Yes, Welch, Mopar, GeorgeandMary, and all the other Forumaddicts out there that feel they must read every post ever posted, you can pipe up too if you want (not like you could resist).


And Yes, I do want the long drawn out version (like mine) (no problem for you, Yrium). It's not like there is so much conversation on this thread that we don't have time to read it.


So anyway here goes my post.


Exactly two years ago today, my wife's uncle was in town. I introduced him to Napster. It changed his life (so he says). So in order to repay me, exactly one year later, (now you know why today is important) he introduced me to Geoaching. It changed my life (so I say). We went out to dinner for my bithday (today. See? important!). When we got home he hooked up his laptop to my Mother-in-law's phone line and logged on to the website. He is from Indiana, and I had no Idea what he was talking about, so we really had no idea what area would be best to try out. We chose one that was close, and rated a 1/1. We stopped by my house and grabbed a couple of flashlights and headed out to MTRP and found Mission Trails Mini Stash (now archived). I was so excited. I had found it. He asked if we had time to do one more before I had to go to work (midnight shift). I said no, but I will be late. We headed out to Lake Murry and found Lake Murry Loot. When I got to work, I was so excited about this stuff. I asked a guy that I knew had a GPSr if he had it with him. He said that he just bought a new one yesterday. After we got Otay Lakes Park and Otay Valley Vista, he was hooked too. He told me I could by his old Garmin 12 for $75.00. I was jazzed. Only about 4 hours after my frist cache, I had a GPSr. My first hide was about two weeks later, and I must admit that it was of the "find any old bush and hide" variety. Since been archived due to Private Property obstructing the route to the cache.


My wife doesn't like Geocaching at all. She thinks I'm nuts and obsessed. The kids love to go, but complain if the hike is too tough.


So there it is. Now please post yours. Pass this on to other cachers in San Diego. I would love to read everybody's story.


Night Hunter


If Wyle E. Coyote could afford all that ACME stuff... Why didn't he just buy DINNER?

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How did I get hooked. Well I was doing research for a GPS to use in my RV. I needed one I could hook up to a laptop. One of the sites mentioned Geocaching and had a link to the web site. I started reading and called my son to check it out. Wow look at this - treasure hunting. People hide goodies and you go out and find them. Well I have always dreamed of treasure hunting and this looked like great fun. I also figured some father and son bonding couldn’t hurt.


When I got my GPS-V, I decided to give Caching a try. My first cache was a * *. Very easy. On 10/29/2001 My son and I made our way to Woodpecker Cache in the Blue Sky Preserve in Poway, CA. Wish I never did that cache. Now I am hooked. My 2nd cache was Battle Mt a * **. Well being out of shape I stopped several time on the way up. Then I decided that Caching would be great exercise, if it didn’t kill me. Since then I have lost 40#s. I can walk, bike, or climb for hours. Bike on level ground, I don’t do killer hills on a bike. **** caches, bring them on.


I have introduced caching to MRC, MSH, JCD, KCD, D-Wanderer, and retePH. Most of them only want easy caches although I drag KCD or my son, retePH, on some of the harder ones.


I now prefer the harder caches that force me to get some exercise. Like everyone else I love the FTF or just beating those who try to be first.


I have created several Travel Bugs and even entered the Cannon Ball Race. Went from 19th to 70th of 75 when Dustoff21 removed it from Ohio and took it back 126 miles into a remote location in NY. He has done this to about 20 of the racers. A lot of effort on his part to take Bugs out of the race. But someday “Heavy Duty” will make it back to CA.


To show how crazy Geocachers are. I was among those that raced all over town for the Boat sink locks. I am just glad that there are so many varied caches in the San Diego area.


I have bushwhacked when I should have stayed on the trail, forgot to grab my water, stepped in water and mud. Cached at 100 degrees and in the rain, by accident, of course. I have also become very good at spotting Poison Oak. I have been to some interesting places and some that I never knew existed. I have enjoyed some magnificent views. This is a great hobby. I love the exercise and feel sorry for those who get their exercise in the smelly gym.


April 06, 2003 - My 200th Cache. "San Marcos Surprise." (GCF1FF).

March 30, 2003 – My son and I Placed our first cache: "Rancho Bernardo View by PJH and retePH." (GCEFF6).

March 12, 2003 Most Difficult cache: "Off to Find a Wizard: the SD Potluck Memorial" (GCD7AD). Many miles of driving all over the county.

January 04, 2003 - My 100th cache. "SRSC BU12 Silver Finalists." (GCB7F5). Shared with JCD and KCD and my CHERISH travel bug.

September 25, 2002 Hiked 7 miles on Stone Mt. doing the 6 caches. Got some good exercise on this day.


Best Exercise: Stone Mt., Mt. Woodson, Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve, Black Mt.



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Hello to everyone in San Diego from a new geocacher, and one hoping to locally encourage the game. I'm with the San Diego Sea to Sea Trail Foundation - helping to build a 140-mile multi-use trail from the Pacific to the Salton Sea - you can read more about it all at www.seatoseatrail.org.

To help celebrate National Trails Day on June 7, we're launching a Geocaching Challenge, with 25 caches hidden along the Trail. Each cache will have great prizes and voucher prizes, including DeepOutdoors fleeces and day packs, two Magellan GPSs and lots of other goodies from Magellan and geocaching.com.


To pre-launch the Geocaching Challenge, and a chance to all meet up and discuss geocaching and GPSs, we're hosting a Geocaching & GPS Clinic at REI on May 21 at 7pm. Everyone who attends the clinic will receive a free DeepOutdoors T-shirt, REI carabiner and Magellan info sheet. Check out http://seatoseatrail.org/index.cfm/Geocaching for more details.


Hope to see you all there!

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Hello San Diego Thread...


I am going to be visiting from Northern CA on Thurday, Friday and Saturday. Coming down for a convention and plan on a little caching while I'm there.


Any caches that I shouldn't miss while I'm in San Diego? Also if you have any bugs that need transport back up North let me know.


David of the Camelot Crew

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I would suggest any of the many caches in the Mission Trails Regional Park system. There are quite a few there, the land is magnificent, and you can make it a good mulitiple cache day if you are willing to walk a bit.


I have included a link that should show most of them in the park. Click Here


No matter where you choose to cahce, though, you should find something, I think at last check we have about 600 in the county.


Sorry if you don't get many replies in here. I can't seem to get anybody to post. I guess we here in San Diego are just too busy Geocaching to write. icon_biggrin.gificon_razz.gif


Night Hunter


If Wyle E. Coyote could afford all that ACME stuff... Why didn't he just buy DINNER?

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Originally posted by Night Hunter:

I would suggest any of the many caches in the Mission Trails Regional Park system... I have included a link that should show most of them in the park....

Night Hunter


Thanks for the heads up and the link Night Hunter. It's looking like Friday night caching for me.

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Be aware that many of the parking areas at Mission Trails close early. There may be other places to park though. I haven't been in that area much.


There are some micro caches within walking distance of the convention center.


You might want to try a few of the caches around the bay area.


A few others you might be interested in:


Maple Canyon Bridges GCC201


A nice walk through an urban canyon not far from the airport.


Surfs up GCAB03


A good place to catch a sunset.

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How did I get started? Well, it is all nscalers fault. He infected me with the bug by selling me his old GCV12. Now I haven't found hundreds of them like alot of you, since I have way too many commitments to deal with; mostly soccer though since I am a avid soccer Dad for my daughter and her team. Anywhooo.... My first find was "In Between", found it with nscaler, actually I found it and let nscaler hunt awhile longer. My toughest find so far was "Sly Foxes", not because I haven't logged it, because I was on the clock taking a break looking for it and I fell and twisted my knee (try explaining that one to your boss). The worst was when Nscaler (have you noticed a reacuring theme with nscaler) and I went caching on what turned out to be the hottest day of the year and we went for Yriums "Breeder cache" with little or no water left. I refer to that as the death march. We also found three others that day and somehow surrvived. This was the day we hid the "Geoswag" cache. When I have time, I try to go and find caches, but family first is my motto, and well..... I will break 100 I know I will but there is no real rush, there will always be caches placed and time to find. I have started to place my Geocard in caches as I find them, if you find one (see the avatar to the left) this has all of my pusuits on it. Take care, and good hunting...




"Sing like no one is listening,

Dance like no one is watching,

and fart like you don't care"

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Just returned to the Central Valley from San Diego. I will have to come back and cache some more down there. Wish I haven't had soooo much work and could have cached more. Managed to squeeze in a few including the two by the Convention Center. My thanks to the San Diego cachers for the fun. Friday provided me some night caching time too. Thanks again.


David of the Camelot Crew.

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How did I get started geocaching? On January 5, 2001, I read about geocaching in Outside Magazine. On Jan 6 I visited the geocaching.com website and discovered that the nearest cache was in the Laguna Mountains. So, on Sunday, Jan 7, 2001, I installed the first San Diego metro area cache, on the side of a costal mountain named Double Peak, the second highest in the Cerro de las Posas Mountains, in the heart of San Marcos. It was at that time the 320th cache in the world. Then there were more... Hill Of The Skull, Golf Ball Hill, Petroglyph Peak... I'll never forget the first time I read a post (at Hill Of The Skull) by yrium... bushing and wacking his way up the hill with gromit... -- Tuna

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Hi Missmarbles,

You might try "View to the Stars" (GCEB08). It is far away from city lights and you can get the cache while you are there. The area is set up just for viewing the stars and such, so should be unbeatable if the sky cooperates. If you go up look for a hiking stick at the cache location. I left mine there.

Have fun,


Originally posted by missmarbles:

I'm new to the forums and not familiar with how they work, so bear with me -- I think I posted improperly. I was hoping to get a suggestion for a night hike for optimal viewing of the partial lunar eclipse. ???

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What got me started? Decided to buy a GPSR for use on my dirt bike for navigating. While searching for internet GPS dealers I came across a geocaching button link and wondered what that was and pushed it. Read about it and thought it sounded like fun and a good way to learn how the GPSr worked. I took delivery of a GPSr on 7-12-02 and went out with my son that night to find Nscaler's "Batiquitos Lagoon

Cache". We had such fun finding that one in the dark, that we kept diong others when we got the chance. I started off slow and did a cache now and then, but at some point got hooked and couldn't get enough. Then picked up the pace doing caches at almost every opportunity. My 14 year old son soon tired of doing them, so I was then on my own. After a while I emailed K'nic who lived in my neighborhood and had found a similar number of caches to see if he wanted to join me for some caching. We get together when our schedules align. After 10 months I have found 677 caches and hidden 4, so I guess you could say I am addicted and in need of help! It looks like marriage helped Mark71Mark kick the habit, but I have tried that and I'm not very good at it. icon_smile.gif I still enjoy caching as much as when I started, but it getting hard to find caches without driving 100 miles to get them, and it is getting expensive to keep gas in the van. So will have to slow down a little to let the cache supply build again.


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Thanks to everyone that has responded with their geocaching beginnings.


pjh: Dustoff21 got me too. In fact he still has mine. I am hoping that he someday releases him, maybe after a winner is declared


Jaxxom: I have the same problem with finding time. Family has to come first. We are starting soccer next time around, now it is T-ball and Cheer.


Tuna: Attention people, we have a Geo-legend in our presence. Just scroll up and look at that registered date!!! The 320th cache ever placed. That is soooooo cool.


Ruscal: I am so envious of people who started after me and have more finds than I do. Most of those people have like 250+ compared to my 130+, but you are way off the scale!!!!!


Everybody else? Where are you? I know more people read this thread than that. This thread was hoppin when we were planning our get together. So I know you are out there. Let's hear your story.


Night Hunter


No me gustan los huevos verdes y hamon!!!!!!!

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Hey! Some of us happen to like green eggs and ham.


I had heard of geocaching and thought it was mildly interesting. I ended up purchasing a GPSr for an upcoming vacation and figured that since I had it, I might as well surf on over to the site and take a closer look.

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Hello fellow SD folk.

Here's my "how I got started" story.


I got my GPSr for Christmas, from my sceptical girlfriend, who thought it was just another gadget I'd be obsessed with. She was right!


I discovered geocaching.com during early searches for things to do with GPS, and thought it looked like a brilliant idea. Back home in the UK on Dartmoor when I was a kid we used to go 'letterboxing', which I really enjoyed, so I thought I'd give caching a go.


My first cache was The Toybox (GC20B) in Los Peñasquitos Canyon (a 3/2.5!) and I've done a few more since, and hidden 2 caches myself. Engagement Arrangement was the first, to mark the spot where I proposed to my fiancée, and only yesterday I put in the Pottery Canyon Cache.


Rather too many "not founds" in my list, but I'm working on my batting average....


I also infected a friend with the geocaching bug while he was here on holiday - he went out and bought a GPSr and has been finding them back in the UK since!


Haven't managed to persuade my fiancée to go out especially to find caches, apart from the Engagement Arrangement story, but hopefully I'll get her interested eventually. At the moment if we're going out hiking I tend to upload the caches "just in case"....

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As I mentioned at the event tonight, there is a big camping-out type event this weekend (May 23-26) in east county. Should be a good time to pre-run the Sea-to-Sea Trail. We'll be heading out Friday morning and return Monday...........

It is called the 1st Annual PRICKS iN tHE STICKS Music Fest and Dual Sport Ride...(you know cactus has lots of pricks) It will be held near Campo (I'll be in Cuyamaca and motorcycle down to a friend's killer huge cowboy ranch. It will be a camping type event...RV parking and tent areas...a beautiful pool...horses...cattle...hay wagon horse rides...3-horse shoe pits...fire pits for cooking and hanging around...there will be three to four bands...a great stage area..children friendly..for those of you with dual type motorcycles..we will have a GPS route for an all day ride before the music starts...looking forward to seeing you all there....it will be a great event...for those of you that don’t like the camping thing, there is the Casino http://www.goldenacorncasino.com/, very nice and new with hotel rooms etc about 10 min. away...please drop me an email(bikedog@xbike.com) with your rsvp for a head count. Also click on this link for more information on the bash!!! more info


We'll see you there! (please, no pets, except horses)



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How I got started.


I had recently purchased a new truck. I splurged and bought a 4x4- but I had no idea what off roading was like and how to do it correctly. I knew that I was better off if I went wheelin' with other people than by myself. As luck had it- the group that I went with, SCCX, included Xsnoopy and Parsa. The trail the club went for their run was Carroll Canyon. Well during the ride Parsa lef the group and went up this very steep hill by himself. I asked where he had gone too and someone told me that he went to go get a cache; Shadow of Los Pinos. I didn't feel like asking any questions because I had already ased a bunch.


So a few months later I bought myself a gps. I remembered what they had said about geocaching and so I gave it a try. My first cache was Fred Canyon. Ironically, the same day I found this cache both Parsa and Snoopy found it too. Then I went back over to Carrol Canyon and did the Los Pinos cache too. And I went right up that steep hill I thought was impossible a few earlier.


Because of work I am really just a weekend cacher. But I'm coming up on my first summer vacation as a cacher. Who knows how many caches I can find on my travels.


I may be needing some advice about wireless internet. I'd like to be able to log caches and search for new ones while on the road this summer.




[This message was edited by dhsundance on May 28, 2003 at 05:49 AM.]

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How we got started


Last May, for Mother's Day, LionTamer Nimmie decided she wanted to go for a hike. I tried to complain that getting that much sunlight would ruin the mold and mildew collection on the north side of my body (the side away from the PC screen) - but it WAS Mother's day, after all. So I searched out a suitable, short hike online and away we went. Harmony grove is short drive, and the hike we were to attempt was a short loop that was off a main, really long hike. NO problem, we thought.


So, 90 degrees, 6 month old on my back, we started out, and the first 1/4 mile was quite pleasant - lots of shade, crossed a creek, fairly level - we're thinking this isn't so bad.


THEN we got to the 'Hill'.


I've been on steeper, longer hikes since (can you say Inselberg Cache?) but this one nearly killed us. My wife was concerned about the various shades I was turning, and took the baby pack from me, but the damage was done. I seriously considered finding the person who wrote this up as a 'nice little walk' and committing severe bodily harm to his person. My son and daughter were VERY happy, out enjoying nature, chipped, laughing. We nearly left the remote area childless, but I didn't have the strength (it's a joke, people). By the time we reached the top, Nimmie and I were completely wiped out. We nearly crawled back to the car, and complained about our lack of physical conditioning.


My personal idea of fun doesn't involve getting sweaty for the sake of seeing sage brush. If there's nothing more to it, I ain't going.


Later in week, I received Randy Cassingham's newsletter, This is True (www.thisistrue.com), a weekly list of weird news stories. As a follower of the list for several years, this wasn't a big deal. However, in the comments section of the letter, he mentioned his 'Get Out OF Hell Free' cards (www.goohf.com for more info) were turning up in unexpected places, and a reader sent him a message stating they were turning up in 'Geocaches'. Randy mentioned researching what this guy was talking about, and Randy posted the link to GeoCaching.com.


I started reading at the site, and realized this had something for everyone. My kids would get outside, Nimmie would get her hikes, *I* would have a purpose for hiking in the first place, and we'd all get some exercise. I couldn't have been more excited to point this out to Nimmie and explain it. She was thrilled too, and immediately saw all the possibilities.


Now we needed a GPS. Ebay was killing me on bids, so we tried a local cache ( Barking cache, since suspended) w/o a GPS. Based on information provided, we were able to walk right up to it - and discovered it was missing. We also tried to get Lua's cache w/o a GPS, and were skunked there too (although we were within 4 feet, we didn't look hard enough).


Then our GPS arrived, and we took off for the Barking Cache - and proved it was gone. <sigh>


As for the Circus itself - The second time we decide to 'go caching', at 9a we decided to go: at Noon we finally were in the car. The preceding 3 hours reminded me of the clowns in the Circus all trying to fit into one car.


And our nickname was born.... 8-)


Earl, Ringmaster (and tired just thinking of Mother's Day 2002)

The Adams Family Circus



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Now that I know this works here goes:


My first find was with my friend Night Hunter. It turns out he and his family and my family are planning a summer trip to Lake Powell. He asked if it would be possible to do a couple of caches along the way. Completely confused as to what he was talking about he explained it all. He even pointed out a hill with one of his caches that he placed. I told him I wanted to do a few before we left so I knew what it was about. He suggested the "Sea to Sea" event and we picked up my first cache before hand. It was the #1 BUS CACHE



Pretty easy one although he found it before I did. I bought my first GPSr<----(still dont know what the "r" is for) a week later from REI. I purchased the Garmin Rino 120. I now have 7 finds and 1 hide and I am looking forward to increasing those numbers. So far I am lucky and my family has been really supportive of these "family outings" and I feel it has brought us closer together.

I would like to attend the next picnic. So if it is in the works let me know.

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Hi everyone, Kristen here. Great to meet many of you at REI a few weeks back. Challenge Update: All 25 caches are now out along the Sea to Sea Trail! If you'd like to receive a special e-mail at midnight on June 6 and get all the GPS coordinates and lots of extra info direct to your computer for June 7's kickoff, then sign up at http://www.seatoseatrail.org/index.cfm/Subscribe. The coordinates will also be released at midnight June 6 at http://www.seatoseatrail.org/index.cfm/Geocaching and on geocaching.com - under the name 'Sea to Sea Trail Geocaching Challenge' (ie. not Kiwi Kacher).


Happy hunting and good luck!

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Hi Lightweight Cachers,


Only twelve more hours until I have the coordinates to my new Magellan color GPSr.


CACHE ON, and good luck to all. Will we see you on the trail????????? Feel free to call me troughout the night @ 760 473-6329. I can give you an update on how long until it's mine!


Sick K-nic

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icon_eek.gif Had a great time wandering around the Sea to Sea today, but something very strange has happened.


I was the second to #11 San Vicente after Splashman & Splashette and cadged the T-Shirt. I was so happy with the find that I put it on right away and wore it to go scrounging for #9 (you can read about the misadventure in my post). Anyhoo, while slogging through the underbrush looking for #9 my brand new T-Shirt got kind of, um, icky. So when I got home I immediately put it into the wash to see if I could reclaim it. Fortunately, it came out just fine, but with one startling problem: when I took it out of the wash, it said "TRAIL DAY 2002"! Not only did I get all the stains out, I TOOK AN ENTIRE YEAR OFF THE COTTON' PICKIN' SHIRT!!!


So here's what I want to know:

Did I use the wrong kind of bleach?

Is it possible that the spin cycle spun that sucker right into a time warp and shucked a year off of it?

I'd really like to know, because if I can find out if it was the spin cycle for instance, I plan on taking about thirty-five trips in that puppy myself.

...and if it is the spin cycle, maybe I could reverse the wiring and ADD a year to stuff. If I can do that, I'm gonna put tomorrow's sports section into the thing and exactly one year from now I'll be richer than God...or even Bill Gates!


My wife always said I didn't know what I was doing around the washer - boy howdy - you gals been keeping some big secret from us menfolk all these years?


Where's Einstein when you need him?

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For those that follow multiple threads, sorry about the double post. I originally sent the following message to the wrong thread:


I have recently moved from the San Diego area to the Phoenix Valley where I am caching now, but there are some caches in San Diego that I've enjoyed finding so I've been keeping tabs on their activity.


Cowles Mountain (GC5EB) is such a cache. The latest log for this cache is rather interesting. What's up with this CaptainTrio? I find this interesting in light of the fact that here in the Phoenix Valley we just had a cacher who thought it would be fun to raid caches, leaving only the cache log, and deposit the trinkets in some other cache. According to him, retrieving the trinkets and returning them to the appropriate cache was then up to the rest of the caching community out here.


After some not so subtle hints of receiving a personal thrashing once we found out who this pirate was, the cacher seemed to think his idea wasn't going over so well and his diabolical activity came to a halt.


So now I'll be watching to see what develops with this San Diego "Pirate".


Mark A. Pedersen

aka Highwayhavoc


Never tell a young person that something cannot be done. God may have been waiting centuries for someone ignorant enough of impossible to do that very thing.

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Help! Someone get me out caching. I just noticed I haven't logged a find since April 20! Argghh.


The good news is that I may not be teaching summer school and will have lots of time to cache. Also, Ruscal and Knic have seen fit to populate north county with a plethora of new caches. Oh, and Ruscal... you're a crazy man! I didn't even know there were that many caches around here. You need help, too! Hehe.


I have realized that unless I have creative help, I may not complete a very cool cache I've been working on that will blow people's socks off. I need help placing it and would be happy to be co-owner with someone. Yrium is already sort of a co-owner, and he knows what that means. Maybe he'll step up.



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Originally posted by Parsa:

I have realized that unless I have creative help, I may not complete a very cool cache I've been working on that will blow people's socks off. I need help placing it and would be happy to be co-owner with someone. Yrium is already sort of a co-owner, and he knows what that means. Maybe he'll step up.






Let me know what I can do. I can't do any long hikes at the moment but I'm up for anything else.


If you want you can stand on my shoulders if need be... and if we're still too short Gromit can stand on your shoulders.


--- yrium ---


On a side note, the BREEDER cache has inspired another cache hider up in Spokane Washington. This one is called THE GEO-FAMILY TREE and instead of LARVA it has SEED PODS.

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Originally posted by Parsa:

I have realized that unless I have creative help, I may not complete a very cool cache I've been working on that will blow people's socks off. I need help placing it and would be happy to be co-owner with someone




Okay, now we're curious. What do you need? Email us (kite@execpc.com) if we can be of help.

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Hi everybody--


We are brand new to this geocaching stuff...our GPS came in the mail yesterday and we went just up the road to Battle Mtn and found our fist cache! It's me, my husband, and our little girl. We're fairly new to San Diego, and what a great way to see the area! We're game for a picnic--would be nice to meet all of you!


Lisa (SunSpot)

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Hi, Everyone! I just past my first anniversary of geocaching on June 7th, which was also my birthday. It was really nice of Sea to Sea to plan their geocaching event just for my birthday. I really appreciate it.


Seriously, I want to thank all San Diego geocachers for the time and energy you put into your caches. I am constantly amazed by the creativity and thought that many of you put into them. Even though I have lived here for 23 years, geocaching has taken me to place after place that I never knew existed.


See you on the trail! icon_smile.gif



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Hi Everybody!

Splashette here.

The workds "picnic" seem to be dancing in everyone's head.

At the REI geo meeting,some were in favor of just finding a spot and everyone bringing their own stuff. We all just stand around flapping our jaws anyway,so that might be the easiest way to go about it, no fuss, no muss.

So, who has a great spot?? It has to be dog,and especially Gromit friendly, since the famous cacher had to miss the last one. I'm thinking maybe a beach area or least a big park somewhere. Let's get this together and make it simple!!

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Re: Picnic

I agree the beach area would be cooler. Is anyone familiar with a good one that does allow dogs? Also, one that doesnt require us to pay to reserve a spot. Ruscal is checking out San Dieguito park, Kate Sessions sounds good also.

Keep ideas comming. How about July 12 for a date?


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Originally posted by splashman:

Re: Picnic

I agree the beach area would be cooler. Is anyone familiar with a good one that does allow dogs? Also, one that doesnt require us to pay to reserve a spot. Ruscal is checking out San Dieguito park, Kate Sessions sounds good also.

Keep ideas comming. How about July 12 for a date?



What about Dog Beach in OB? We have a pretty nice stretch of beach complete with firepits and it never gets too crowded here. Alcohol also permitted for those so inclined. Plus its pretty much in front of my house. So am I biased? Heck yes.


There is only one nearby cache and its a virtual on the pier so maybe its about time I placed one around here, huh? Under some doggie doot perhaps? ha ha



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Yikes! Check out the latest log on Oops I did it again. I did fear that that particular cache was a bit too public to last, but I didn't expect it to cruise along just fine for a whole year only to cause an enormous bomb scare in the end! And the much newer "Bugs on the Other End" has been disabled for fear the same thing will happen. I guess caches on Harbor Island aren't such a good idea these days.


I sympathize with people who get suspicious when they see a guy put a box in a bush in the middle of the street, and frankly I don't think it's entirely unreasonable to call the cops about it. This cache was REALLY exposed. But at the same time I'm so tired of this endless state of alert. Will it ever end?


I suppose Bugs is a goner too -- it was nice to have a bug hotel, but it was unfortunately hidden close enough to the road that I can imagine the same thing happening. We were highly visible while searching for it the other weekend. July 4th Cache, which was hidden nearby last year, was a bit more sheltered, but that obviously didn't save it (plundered and archived).


It's all very sad.

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Eeeeek! Not to mention, it appears that geocacher "yaya" came down from Idaho on Sunday JUST to place a TB in the cache, and that TB is now probably impounded in the police station. Does anyone think that security concerns will shut down the hobby of geocaching all together? Or that we probably just need to avoid airport areas?


Lisa (team SunSpot)

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Just soze ya' know, I'm a SD-Copper. We get calls (even before 911) on objects people think are bombs all of the time. We responded to a bomb call once when a jogger found a plaster rabbit on Sunset Cliffs. The safe thing for us (police) to do is just assume that it is a bomb, that way we get to go home after work. I changed the container on one of my caches because I felt that it looked too bomb-like (ABS pipe). If cachers want to place containers in public places, I would suggest tupperware. If we can't see what is inside, our proceedure is to call out a bomb dog, or in some cases the Metro Arson Strike Team. If M.A.S.T. doesn't blow up the suspicious package, then it gets impounded or thrown away. Just use common since when depositing a cache. I had never really planned on ID'N myself as a police officer to the general caching community, but I felt that this was important. By the way...There is a number of police cachers out there!


Take care everyone!

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On a similar note, I recently came across a live bullet in one cache and a flare in another. I took them both and they won't be seeing the inside of a cache again. I also recommended to geocaching.com that they expand their list of verboten items to include anything flammable/incendiary/explosive in nature and they recently replied that they are in the process of doing exactly that. I mean, who wants to see something like the Julian fire happening and have the source traced back to a butane lighter left in a cache? That would go a long way toward getting a great hobby regulated or even banned. The best idea is to try to use a bit of good ol' fashioned common sense - both in the placement of caches and the stuff we put in them.



Radical Geezer

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So how did I get started..well while working I found a $1 bill stamped with WheresGeorge.com and being me (one of those who likes to do things that are new & that others don't know about..yet!)..anyways while reading someones profile on WheresGeorge it mentioned GeoCaching..I did a search on the web found this web site and thought that this sounded like fun! I've only found some 14 caches but had a blast finding each one!!! Too bad my friend doesn't work the same schedule..


Oh on a side note..this is for Yrium who I've yet to have the pleasure of meeting..Dam you man..Stop entering bills on wheresgeorge..how can I pass you if you keep getting hits!! LOL!!



Ranked 25th in CA on WheresGeorge..

Yrium..You're mine!! icon_biggrin.gif

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