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Nearby Geocaches Widget for iOS

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I'm referring to the announcement by Geocachung HQ that they introduced a “nearby geocaches” widget for iOS devices. By swiping right from the Home screen, Lock screen, or Notification Center you can add the “nearby geocaches” widget tto the Today View. The widget is said to display a list of nearby geocaches that you have not yet found.


Unfortunately, the widget is erroneously showing caches that have already been found. After bringing his to the attention of Geocaching HQ Support they replied that they would "not address the issue unless they receive more complaints from the community". In other words, they "simply don't see many geocachers using this feature".


So I want to bring this buggy feature to the attention of the community and I ask you all to support my wish that the bug will be fixed. If you are not yet using the widget please try it out and post your (hopefully supportive) feedback. BTW I don't think that a major effort is required to fix the bug ...


Thank you!



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On 1/1/2022 at 12:02 AM, Jayeffel said:

if you are talking of the widget that came out 2017 I believe, my iPhone shows three found catches under "nearby caches" I did not look further.

Same with me, and that’s exactly what I’m complaining about because I’d better like to see the unfound nearby caches.

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