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SF *East* Bay Area Geocaching

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Originally posted by TeamJiffy:

_Picnic/gathering this Sunday_


Hi East Bay Cachers,


Here's a reminder that we're having a first-time regional get-together this coming Sunday, May 4 in your neck of the woods--Fremont Central Park. You're all invited, of course. Please go over to the cache page and RSVP. Look forward to meeting many of you!






Thank you for the info...unfortunately, I will be in Washington this weekend. I hope you all have fun!




"Today's mighty oak is yesterday's nut that held its ground."

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Took a radioactive marble, left a body...


I'm still creeped out. On Monday, Fremont Police removed a body from a creek near my Little Liz cache. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.asp?ID=50093

What makes it extra creepy is the log that was made on April 15 by GeoROCKS! who described being stalked through Stiver's Lagoon.

After I saw the story on the news, I disabled the cache and e-mailed GeoROCKS that he should call the police and tell them his story. He did.

The next day, the newspaper write that the dead man was a wino from Redding and that he'd been dead for a while. Some 5th graders even spotted the body but didn't recognize it as such. Pretty creepy.

I'm leaving the cache disabled for a while. I can imagine however that the woods is safer now than it's been in a while.



Max Entropy

More than just a name, a lifestyle.

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Snakes in the Grass


I had an close encounter yesterday on my way down from: Manzanita, near Mitchell Rock. I was on the trail and heard the unmistakable rattle. I scrammed as fast as I could. Never did see the critter though. Be careful at this time of year.

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Calling all Danville, San Ramon, Dublin, Pleasanton and Livermore geocachers!


Has anyone seen the newest lifestyle publication in our area, Tri Valley Magazine? I have been in discusions w/ them about writing an article on the local geocaching scene.... creative caches, interesting caching personalities, great locations, etc.


Anyone interested in being featured or recommending areas/caches to feature? I'm open to input and want to send a photographer out to tag along on a hunt or two. Please email me at pamglynn@yahoo.com if you are interested or have suggestions. Thanks! Open discussion here in this forum would be appreciated - always enjoy the meeting of the minds!



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The summer is rapidly coming to an end and it is a great time to get together before the fall responsibilies creep up on us. The first East Bay Geocachers Pizza event will be at The Pizza Machine in Danville. As this is our first event, it will be a great opportunity to meet many of the cachers in our area and beyond. Please post how many people will be coming.


August 28th, 6:30PM


The Pizza Machine


664 San Ramon Valley Blvd.


Danville, California 94526


East Bay (and Beyond) Pizza

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Walnut Creek Journal - Posted on Thu, Aug. 14, 2003


Cache it if you can

By Jackie Burrell



THE HUNT IS ON. Carrying topographical maps, a Thomas Guide and electronic equipment, a trio of treasure seekers scampers up a dun-colored hill. They zero in on a gnarled oak tree, peer carefully about, then reach deep into a hole in the trunk. A grin spreads across Lee van der Bokke's face as he catches hold of a rope inside the hollow trunk, and gently tugs at the Doritos 3-D can dangling inside.


CC Caching Article

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I'm hoping someone here will have some idea of what I'm talking about and whether there's a cache there or not.


There are earth mazes in the Berkeley/Oakland hills, like the Sibley mazes. Does anyone know if there are geocaches nearby (pref. related to the mazes), either virtual or otherwise, or what the coordinates are for those mazes?


My birthday's this weekend-- I'm looking for something really "wow" to do.

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