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Arizona Governor Legalizes Geocaching Game (Old News Story from 2016)


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I found this story on the Arizona Highway Website and though that I would share it. I dont Know about you guys but I would not be paying for a permit to place geocaches. Geocaching brings in a lot of money to local areas that they would not normally get. Seems a little greedy to charge for a permit.


Geocaching, a game in which people use GPS devices to find hidden "caches," is now legal in Arizona thanks to a move by Governor Doug Ducey.

Ducey's executive action recognizes the activity and makes it legal, but with certain restrictions. Previously, the caches had been deemed "litter" and the practice was banned in Arizona.


Geocachers place objects in small containers, mark their GPS coordinates and leave them for others to find. Under the new rules, geocachers will need a $15 recreational permit, good for one year, and must not leave caches bigger than a shoebox or leave anything hazardous in them.

The state also disclaims responsibility or liability for the caches and can remove them at any time without warning. And participants can't alter the natural landscape when leaving or retrieving caches.


Here is an external link to the a Phoenix New Times News Story dated 8th Feb 2016 that started it all. 

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey Permits Geocaching Game on State Land | Phoenix New Times


(Note: Credits for story to Ray Stern, Phoenix New Times. Links in this Topic are to external websites not associated with Geocaching.com)

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Previously banned in AZ? I've found geocaches there many years ago, before 2016! Banned entirely? Or banned on state property? I'm curious now.

That is a steep fee for one year.

Does anyone pay it? Do the reviewers require a copy? Do the reviewers check back after a year?

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