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Bump up list size limitation from 1,000 to at least 10,000

da Bush Man

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I really enjoy using the website to show me a large map of caches with a filter.  And at a click of a button add them all to a list, so I can download to my GPS.

The trouble is that for a large area, it's easy to exceed 1,000 caches which then limits to a really small area which isn't useful. 

The (unpleasant) workaround is unfortunately creating a number of lists and trying to manually take sections of the map multiple times, hoping not to miss anything, and likely lots of overlap.  And then creating multiple GPX files from that is really tedious and error prone. 


I figure if the website can easily display >1,000 caches, then why not let the users add them to a list?  It would save a lot of time & effort.



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11 hours ago, da Bush Man said:

manually take sections of the map multiple times, hoping not to miss anything, and likely lots of overlap. 


If I wanted all the caches in an area that likely was many thousands, I'd use a  date range filter.  This would permit me to get all of them, no overlap. 

Just a suggestion about process.


I'm good with your suggestion of more caches per list, though it's low on my personal list of site change wants.

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Lists aren't working for me at all the last couple of days.

From the map I (Browse Geocaches) I select the box for select all, click the green button for "Add X to list" give it a new list name then click "Add" and nothing happens.

I check "My Lists" and the new list is there but it is empty.

I've tried with both MS Edge and Google Chrome and neither works.

The feature worked well a few days ago but not the last couple of days.

Also checking the select all box asks if I want to add 1000 caches to the list regardless of how few caches are displayed in the map.

I've also tried selecting a number of caches by ticking the individual boxes.

Same result, a new list is produced but it is empty.


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