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Utah Caching Vacation

Guest regoarrarr
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Guest regoarrarr

does that seem reasonable?


Then, the rest of the days, my plan is to do a couple per day. Go out with a bunch of people including my wife and kids (ages 2 and will-be 3 months) - have a picnic and see some of the natural beauty and more scenic caches. I don't want to do this on the mega-caching day because I want to be able to take my time and enjoy them. Maybe have a picnic (base-camp) and then do some hiking.


So, anyone have any thoughts or comments on this? Any recommendations for particular areas and/or caches that I should visit? I'm a little familiar with Utah - would SLC or the Provo area be closer to Park City?



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I think a geocacing vacation sounds fun. If you want to log a lot of caches, hit SLC. You can easily do a dozen or more each day. If you prefer top hike and see some scenery, I'd recommend heading south as the mountains and foothills to the north are still snowy and muddy. If you are vactationing on the 16th of March there is an event cache in Wendover with quite a number of caches along I-80 on the drive there. Utah has a very large number of caches as I'm sure you know, have fun and give me a holler. If we can hook up, we can do an afternoon of caching together. --RR

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