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Is this the end of Geocaching in Canberra, Australia?


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The Canberra Nature Parks Management Plan 2021 has a whole section on Geocaching. What is peoples opinions about this Management Plan? Is this the end for Geocaching in Canberra or can Geocaching survive? 

Screenshot 2021-11-17 065949.png



Note: Zone 1 Areas are in Dark Green and Zone 2 Areas are in Light Green

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Without reading all the details, it sounds similar to what we have with national parks in NSW. Back in the early 2000s they banned caches completely, but that was eventually overturned after years of painstaking negotiation by the Geocaching NSW committee, particularly the late Darren Osbourne (Spindoc Bob). Although tedious, the system works reasonably well and is certainly better than no caches allowed at all. To date I've had three NP caches approved, all in Brisbane Water NP, and several of my friends have done likewise in other parks around here.

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